Why I am Not Getting Pregnant – What to do?

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Why I am Not Getting Pregnant – What to do?

Fertility Consultation

Well! A crucial step after marriage comes when the couple plans for a baby and takes a next step of their parenthood but if we see the chart of fertility, we will come across with a data that represent a dramatic decrease in natural fertilization or pregnancy. If the couple faces issue in natural fertilization means, they might be in the danger zone of their fertility.

A huge number of people are yet unaware about the proper age, right time, and right way to flourish their paternity and this is one of the biggest factors, why several of the couples suffer with their pregnancy.

Even if you are at initial way of struggling to build up your family then no worries, as the world is full of advance technique and far progressed. The question now here comes up, if any couple is unable to conceive, what to do next? Should the couple remains in house and try some home remedy or they should seek the expert to solve out their issue- Seriously What To Do?

A diverse feeling arises that time when you get to know that you are unable to conceive. So, if you are under 35 and have been trying to get conceived for a year, it’s time to get help and seek medical attention.

Step 1 – Hurry! Make soon appointment with your OB/ GYN

One of the first steps is to fish around the best and experienced gynaecologist for your issue. You don’t have to rush into a fertility clinic because yet the exact problem of your infertility is uncovered. You can go with your partner for comfort.

During this initial consultation, you will come up with several questions such as- the dates of your last six periods, the cycle of your menstruation is regular or not, body basal temperature etc. If you or your partner had been any medication in previous days, you need to tell with you gynaecologist.

It is important while discussing your facts or symptoms with Ob/GYN, make sure you will be mentioning minute or even embarrassing points with her because any of them could be a symptom of fertility issue.

Step 2 – Let’s come up with a basic or advance fertility treatment 

All depends upon the result of your fertility tests (which your gynaecologist may have advised). If the cause of infertility is because of woman’s ovulation cycle or irregular menstruation then most probably, the expert will put the woman in fertility mediation such as Clomid, Femara, metformin sometimes along with Clomid.

The fertility medication or course, all rely on the cause of couple’s infertility. If the fertility test reveals the woman has a structural abnormality of uterus or so, or she faces with endometriosis, have severe ovulation issue or poor egg quality then gynaecologist suggests the couple to go for further treatment (only in a fertility clinic).

Step 3 – No Problem, Hunt for the best fertility clinic 

Searching a decent clinic amongst so many fertility clinics is quite difficult but you don’t have to lose your sleep on this matter as no matter what Internet always stands for you. Go through the details of those clinics that come up with high success rate and a well reputation. Make sure about the cost of different clinics fertility treatments. Consider travel and skip the work schedule if the clinic is far.

Step 4 – Be prepared to undergo with more fertility tests 

Usually, fertility clinics cross check the couple’s fertility reports (which they got from their OB/GYN) by doing few tests. Woman might undergo with the tests like FSH level, antral follicle or may be ovarian reserve testing. Once the result or repeated test comes in the light, the fertility doctor makes a proper plan for the fertility course of medication.

On the basis of the couple’s infertility report, a couple has to settle on that fertility treatment, which the doctor has guided. Couple can go for further case study regarding their infertility disorder and the treatment (which the expert has recommended them) and once they become sure about the entire procedure, cost and the specialist experience, they can go ahead for their fertility treatment.

Your fertility doctor should give you and your partner time to consider the proposed treatment.

Step 5 – Ready, Steady and Go 

Be calm and focused on the plan of your fertility treatment. It is not at all a rocket science to undergo with or to be worried about.  Patience, Patience and all you need patience to make your fertility treatment a nice and pleasant journey. Be strong and go ahead for each fertility steps in a positive and healthy mind.

Fertility treatment may not work during the first cycle but that doesn’t mean, it won’t work for the second time too. Several cases of infertility have been found, where a couple after undergoing three IVF cycle, have conceived. Fertility treatments never ever come up with guarantee package or treatment, Yes! If the couple is below the age group of 35 and have fine quality of eggs or motile number of sperms, then it is more likely to achieve success at the first try.

Take a Home Message 

Usually for infertility case, IVF – In Vitro Fertilization is relevant and signs for a positive outcome too. During IVF, at the initial stage, fertility mediation and hormonal injections are given to the female (for the stimulation of the ovaries). Once the eggs are enough matured, eggs are collected from each ovaries with the help of a hollow needle under the guidance of ultrasound. These eggs are then kept with the sperm (given by female’s partner or donor sperm) for fertilization. Once the fertilization is done, at the embryonic stage (blastocyst) after fourth or fifth day of fertilization, this embryo is placed into the woman’s uterus for successful implantation.

It may sound a quick procedure but it takes a long time to go through with IVF treatment. So, it is better to take a break from your office for few days and keep IVF or fertility treatment a centre of attention after selecting a fertility clinic.

Keep in mind that lifestyle habits greatly increases or decreases the chances of getting pregnant while you are in your fertility treatment or even if you not with. You really required to cut back drinking alcohol, quit smoking , be on healthy diet, if you are overweight then try to lose the extra weight by doing exercise, eating a nutritious diet etc.

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