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Which is the best month to come down in the favour of IVF treatment?

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Which is the best month to come down in the favour of IVF treatment?

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India is full of multi-religious people, where different talents we get to see, incommensurable personalities and various seasons. Anyways, will not beat around the bush, coming on the main point, we are talking about that matter which has become recurrent issue amongst many blessed couples turning blessedness, that is ‘Infertility. Infertility can be called as the biggest curse in today’s date, but each and every problem has its appropriate solution, hence sterility has.

IVF- Treatment to untangle the issue of sterility

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, IVF is smooth and straightforward process. It’s a procedure where eggs and sperms are fertilized in the Lab and then after fertilization it is placed in the uterus for safe and sound pregnancy. It’s the most efficacious and eminent treatment of fertility. Everything is ok but the main question comes to light is that- When to do IVF treatment to have the best result? Or which is the best month or season according to the researchers to do this course of medication. Let’s gain some inside story about this question.

The best and flourishing season of IVF treatment

According to the latest data of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New-Delhi and many veteran doctors, the best and productive season to do IVF treatment is spring season. As the trees lose their leaves during the spring, the fertilization rate in infertility goes high and upraised. In keeping with the view from way back and skilled doctors in the field of fertility like Dr. Nalini Gupta, Dr. kaberi banerjee , Dr. Neelam bhise and other fertility experts have given their point of view that Spring Season is the first-rate time to do IVF treatment.

According to the Researchers and fertility experts-

Researchers of fertility experts by AIIMS and other veteran doctors have come on single point that spring is second to none season to do your IVF done. In addition, fertility researchers in India were triggered to line out and appraise this season result on ART (Assisted generative Technology). In a very study conducted among 1900 patients undergoing IVF were each classified by season and consistent with the day of egg retrieval. According to the evaluations taken from Fertility clinic, it clad that 430 patients underwent IVF/ICSI throughout the winter, four hundred and sixty-nine patients throughout the summer, four hundred and forty four patients throughout spring and five hundred and eighty four patients throughout autumn. Result was like-The winter emerged with 67.9% , autumn with 69%, summer with 68.5%, and spring with 73.5%. It absolutely was then complete that the spring season is characterized by higher IVF prosperous fertilization procedures than different seasons.

Reason behind this high rise rate of IVF treatment in spring is 17-β estradiol levels (major estrogen in female). 17- β estradiol is an estrogen present in women’s body between the age of puberty and menopause, this steroid hormone is incredibly high within the time of spring in female’s body therefore IVF is usually recommended within the season of spring by experts of fertility. Estrogen level plays all-important role in IVF procedure therefore closing healthy and in fine physical fitness implantation. Thus, Spring is the blissful season for infertile male or female who are planning to do IVF treatment to have a little toddler as a sprinkle in their life.

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