What to do if you found your sperm test abnormal?

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January 30, 2019
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What to do if you found your sperm test abnormal?

An abnormal sperm analysis or say a poor sperm test can be both confusing and puzzling. That man gets more baffled when he became aware about the fluid (semen), which he produced, lacks sperms or may be no sperms at all. There must be uncountable questions revolving in the man’s mind like- what should I know? Will this issue be ok or not? Can I still become father or have off-tracked?

Stop worrying about these all the factors, as we are living amongst upgraded technology, where each and every question has its own answer, not one but numerous ways to get rid of the concern issue.

Problems occur in each individual’s life and if you are facing with the matter of abnormal sperm then you are on the right click, where you can get the entire information about how to deal with a poor sperm test. Before going deep into this matter, we can go through some factors – when to decide you should visit a male fertility expert.

A male should definitely visit specialist when he is facing with any of the following issues

  • Presence of abnormal bumps or lumps
  • Testicular swelling
  • Testicular shrinkage
  • Inability to achieve ejaculation (erectile dysfunction)
  • Low sexual drive
  • Has reduced body hair or facial hair
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

If the male has gone through the sperm test and it is found that the male has reduced sperm count, has poor motility or shape of the sperms is morphologically unfit- these are some factors that is linked to the lifestyle factors and possibly, it can be improved by implementing sperm-friendly habits.

Semen analysis test is not a fertility test but it is a way to investigate any hurdles that may occur in the path of fertility. By doing semen analysis, we get to know the number of counts of the sperms, is the sperms motile or not – these all the factors we unlock by semen test.

If the male has found low sperm count in his sperm test, the next step of your fertility expert will be to become aware about this cause. And ofcourse, what could be best solution to get rid of this issue and help you (and your partner) to have a baby.

One of the significant points about semen analysis test is once you are informed about your poor sperm test; your doctor will do again a second analysis to make sure about the previous result. It happens that the semen analysis fluctuates from sample to sample and day to day so it is the medical guideline to perform two tests to make sure of the result.

If you have your sperm test poor, what you have to do is

Infertility is growing issue worldwide, it is almost affecting one in every six couples. Male infertility is also stepping ahead day by day. While infertility treatment is not a permanent solution, but if a male becomes aware about his low sperm count and want to increase his sperm count then he can implement some lifestyle strategies.

  • Say no to smoke
  • Abstain from any kind drug usage
  • Eliminate Alcohol from your life
  • Take D-aspartic acid (D-AA), this supplement improves testosterone level and thus enhance fertility in infertile men
  • Regular exercise – Studies have proved that those men, who do regularly exercise have higher testosterone level and also decent semen quality than those men who are inactive and avoid any physical work or exercise
  • Get sufficient vitamin C
  • Manage healthy diet and healthy weight
  • Avoid heat
  • Don’t take stress as stress may reduce man’s sexual satisfaction and may affect on his fertility as well.
  • Those men who have low testosterone level should start taking the supplements of vitamin D. Vitamin D boots testosterone level in men.
  • To take zinc supplements like fish, meat, shellfish or eggs (It increases number of sperm counts and also the level of testosterone)
  • Ashwagandha (this is a medical herb that improves male fertility- it also boosts testosterone level and upgrade male fertility)
  • Have a balanced and healthy lifestyle

The Bottom Line

These are some significant points, which you need to follow with, once you have your sperm testing found to be poor. Infertility is affecting many men around the world and if you don’t want to enter in the group of infertility then you need to keep these all the points in your mind.

If you are facing with severe infertility symptoms like very less sperm counts, not at all sperms in the semen then you need to consult with your fertility expert first for further medications (infertility treatments like IVF with ICSI, Sperm Surgical Aspiration procedure etc.)

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