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What is the main difference between IVF and ICSI?

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What is the main difference between IVF and ICSI?

difference between IVF and ICSI
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Comparison between IVF & ICSI – Significant Things One Must Know –

The world of fertility treatment is actually extensive and has several terms to be remembered especially when you are choosing the fertility treatment for the very first time; isn’t it? True, we know it is hard to come to the decision to hand-pick alternatives to have a child, but that’s really fine, as you are not alone rather there are so many individuals who are looking for the best option to have a child. So, there we go to make a distinction between those two treatments that have become highly preferred fertility treatment for the infertile couples to get their own baby. Let’s start then –

Have you ever heard the name of Louise Brown? If not then let’s be aware about this famous name-, Louise Brown was the first baby through test tube baby procedure in 1978. Since then this treatment is in tend to treat infertility syndrome, which is known by many names test tube baby course, IVF treatment, In-Vitro procedure etc.

Cost OF IVF In India 2021

ART methodology consists of several advance fertility medication to untwist the matter of infertility, wherein the first treatment comes as – IVF / test tube baby course. IVF is one of the most acceptable and effective fertility treatments to untangle the issue of infertility and the second name comes in ART technique is ICSI treatment. IVF is universal fertility treatment that eradicates the couples’ issue in the matter of conception on the other hand ICSI works well for the male infertility treatment at the same time ICSI goes along with the IVF process. You see the basic difference between these two procedures. In this entire page, we are going to gather some info regarding these two terms in-depth.

How Is IVF Different Than ICSI On The Basis Of Procedure?

You must be having the details of IVF and ICSI that these are the medications involved in infertility treatment. However, the question here comes – What is the main difference between IVF and ICSI? To know the answer of these questions, let you be free for few minutes to read the points given below.

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization; it is a unique procedure, where fertilization happens using the egg cell with the sperm outside the female womb. This treatment is sometimes known test tube baby programme. IVF treatment is well-known for its positive outcome for treating infertility disorder. On the other hand, ICSI is fully known as Intra-cytoplasm Sperm Injection. This treatment is the most prospective and latest methodology to achieve better insemination, and is used when the sperms mobility and potency is incapable to achieve fertilization in IVF. We can either say this as well- when IVF fails, ICSI could give better result in performing successful fertilization.

IVF treatment is only used when the couple has either been undergone the basic medication to cope-with the fertility problem but couldn’t get succeeded, and expert after analyzing the case recommend the couple for advanced procedure (IVF). Or the other situation that might come to opt for IVF is the report of the couple that has been evaluated during the fertility assessment. If the case of the couple shows that the fertility treatment requires to be advanced – then only IVF is suggested.

IVF treatment is favorable for those females who have egg quality issues, and due to this, the couple unable to achieve healthy conception. ICSI on the other hand, is a male infertility treatment that is combined with the IVF to make sure the output come as a positive and more efficient result.

Mentioning Some Significant Aspects about IVF and ICSI –

ICSI technique is the one, which has directly approach at oocytes (unfertilized eggs) fertilization resultant better insemination and fertilization. During ICSI treatment, sperms are obtained by the normal ejaculation process; the sperms need to be ejaculated on the similar day of the egg retrieval process. Once the sample has been taken by the fertility team of the leading IVF clinic, they start preparing to select a motile and active sperm to inject.

If in case, semen sample does not contain sperms then Sperm surgical Retrieval process is applied to obtain sperm. This is a surgical procedure, where sperms are taken out with the use of fine needle from the male testis, epididiymis etc (TESA/MESA/PESA). Once the sperms are obtained, process is carried through ICSI.

Once the sperms are handpicked by the experts, a single sperm is injected into the individual eggs to get an effective result. ICSI eliminates the need for the sperm to go forward or to swim by its own into the egg and to be fertilized. This treatment is best for those males who have low sperm count etc.

IVF is the fertility therapeutic, where the eggs and sperms are kept in the culture dish, and fertilization happens by the sperm own. Here, the sperm has to move by own and has to meet with the eggs for insemination. Fertilization is achieved as soon as insemination takes place. To get positive results via IVF treatment, eggs from the female partner must be of fine quality and the sperms should be of decent mobility.

After fertilization with IVF treatment, an embryo is allowed to develop for 3-4 days in the fertility lab. At the phase of advance blastocyst, two of the best embryo is selected and transfer into the mother’s uterus for implantation.

IVF treatment is best suitable for –

  • Women whose fallopian tubes either blocked or damaged
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Women whose ovulation cycle is poorly regulating at intervals, or we can say that women suffering from irregular ovulation cycle.
  • IVF is usually accepted when other traditional mode of reproductive technology fails to work.
  • Women facing with the issue of endometriosis

ICSI treatment is appropriate for these individuals –

  • Inexplicable fertility
  • Poorly surviving post-frozen sperms
  • When the sperm count is very low, cannot move properly or in any case sperms are of abnormal shape
  • When sperms are retrieved surgically by the procedure of Sperm Surgical Aspiration.
  • When t he couple has failed IVF cycle
  • ICSI is also applied when the male partner’s sperm contains high level of antibodies

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    IVF stand for In Vitro Fertilization and ICSI for Intra-cytoplasm Sperm Injection; these are two fertility medications and come in the category of ART technique that are majorly chosen by the couples to have a baby at the same time one of the recommended fertility solutions by the doctor who deal with the fertility cases.

    IVF treatment is generally recommended when other traditional methods of reproductive technology fails. ICSI is always preferred when the male is suffering from male infertility like low sperm count les motility of the sperm or contains abnormally shaped sperms. During IVF treatment, sperms fertilize with the egg by its own ability but in ICSI treatment, selected and motile sperm is directly injected into the egg.

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