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What are the fertility treatment options other than IVF?

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What are the fertility treatment options other than IVF?

Pregnant at 40

Some consider IVF as the first fertility treatment to eliminate their Infertility disorder; why like so? Guess! They must have heard a lot about IVF treatment from their social circle or so. Completely agree that IVF is the best medication to eradicate infertility disorder but you need to give attention here that it is not the only fertility treatment to undergo during your infertility time, there are some of the treatments as well, which too gives productive result other than IVF.

One out of six couples is facing with infertility syndrome at their time of conceiving, infertility is somehow increasing in a slow motion all over the world affecting many of the couples’ happiness.

Pregnancy delay is still a ‘Silent Topic’, which many couples prefer not to reveal or discuss this issue with anyone. This is one of the reasons, why there is still a lack of inside the story of infertility treatments, its symptoms, what is the best way to plump for the experienced and veteran specialist to put an end of your infertility by guiding you with the best fertility medication.

Some of the couple pre-think that their infertility issue can only be solved when they will undergo IVF treatment- this is wrong, you can’t judge yourself about your infertility level. It happens in many cases where couple thinks that they must be in the circle of severe infertility disorder but after monitoring the result is a minor fertility issue.

Here in this page, we will discuss effective alternatives to IVF. Let’s get started.

Before jumping in the fertility treatment topic, just want to tell that the couple can boost their fertility potential by just improving their lifestyle.

We usually take this thing too lightly in our life such as – eating whatever thing, which make our tongue tasty, neglecting our proper schedule, sleeping late, or inadequate sleep, drinking habit, smoking, nicotine, chewing tobacco. Not smoking or no alcohol may have positive impact on the individual’s fertility. These are some of the few points, which each couple should follow.

Female should start taking Folic acid supplement, when the couple has decided to become pregnant. Taking the folic acid, risk of your foetus becomes reduced such as neural tube defect (spina bifida)

Be patient if you are trying to get conceived but you are not able to. The best method of being pregnant is to do regular intercourse during your fertile window, if you don’t know your fertile window, then you can use ovulation predictor kit to know the fertile window.

If the female is not ovulating properly or her ovulation cycle is going irregular than there is the fertility drug known as- Clomid (Clomiphene citrate) is prescribed by the expert to the female. Oral medication such as FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), LH (Luteinizing hormone) is also given. These medications are given in order to stimulate the ovaries to develop eggs. These are some oral medications, which cause the pituitary gland to produce the hormones. Gonadotropin injection may also be given to the female; this medication stimulates female’s ovaries to unleash multiple eggs.

These are often referred as ovulation induction. Ovulation induction sometimes is enough to help the females falling in the category of pregnancy.

The next common and effective alternative other than IVF treatment is to go with IUI medication. IUI treatment is generally termed as Artificial Insemination.

If the male partner’s sperm count is low, moving slow or we can say inactive then IUI may be recommended. This also gives productive result when male is facing with mild male infertility factor. During IUI, the male partner gives his semen sample to the fertility expert (in the clinic, from where the couple is undergoing this treatment). Once the semen sample is received, the fertility expert washes this sample with a special technique.

This washing technique makes the sperm impurity free, this technique allow only motile and healthy sperms into the female uterus.

The female has choice, whether she has to undergo IUI treatment using fertility medication or not. With fertility mediations, a female is likely to have more chances to get pregnant and if she is ovulating properly and regularly then she can opt without fertility medication as well.

When the washing technique is done, at the time of female’s ovulation, the washed sperm are transferred into the female’s uterus. IUI improves the chances of pregnancy.

This procedure is quick and simple and best performed in the ART fertility clinic. IUI treatment is generally performed without anaesthesia, the female after the procedure may feel mild cramping but not pain during or after the medication.

When IVF treatment should be considered?

IVF is although a leading therapy or fertility treatment that gives best result but we should know when this treatment should be considered. If all the above methods of treatments have gone unsuccessful then only the couple can think about IVF medication (that too after consulting with your fertility specialist). If the couple has reached over the age of 40 then also IVF is the best option to get pregnant. If the couple has genetic disorder or chromosomal abnormality then IVF with PGD is recommended (combination of IVF with PGD avoids passing any of the chromosomal or genetic disorder to your child).

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