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What are the fertility options before IVF?

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What are the fertility options before IVF?

Fertility Consultation

Falling pregnant is not always easy for the women. There are numerous factors, which decide whether the female is fit to give birth or not, some of the factors are her egg quality, her age (when she decided to get pregnant) and the health of uterus (is it healthy enough for implantation or not).

You know what comes first to achieve successful pregnancy- Age of the couple. Yes! Researchers have proved that those females, who are below 35, have healthier eggs if comparing with women above 35. Egg quality declines as the age increases of the female, and this is the reason, why the Gynecologists suggest to the couples to get conceived at appropriate age.

Question arises here that when does infertility come? See, Infertility neither is a fatal syndrome nor is a disease, it is a hormonal disorder, which is quite hard to eliminate from its base root. Of Course! There are various fertility treatments, if undergone by the couple then they may get pregnant but again if they want to become pregnant, they have to enter in the same cycle. Infertility is somehow described as the inability to get pregnant. Dynamic fertility & IVF Centre serves the best guidance and also it gives superlative treatment to the patient.

So, if you are facing with infertility syndrome, then you should seek the best medication to get rid of that symptom.

Consider some other fertility options before IVF medication

Before jumping into the treatment of IVF, there are some fertility options, which a couple should try. Have you ever thought about the reason why this complication is occurring (of infertility); there may be numerous factors behind it- one of the reasons is misbalancing of the hormone in female’s body. Just think if you have your hormones not regulating properly, then what will happen- discomfort, may be some disorder, same in infertility reason.

First what you need to know is – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. True! It may seem you very easy reading this statement but it is quite hard to manage proper & healthy routine. Nicotine, smoking, over drinking- these are all the points that may adverse affect on your fertility. Healthy diet is one of the most important factors, which will make you fit and powered doing any activity. Doing regular exercise at least for 25-30 minutes also boots your inner capacity.  These are some basic points, which are usually taken by the individual’s lightly. So, be on nutrition containing foods, avoid alcohol and stick on a healthy diet.

Options to consider before IVF is Ovulation Induction to treat with your fertility issue. Usage of Clomiphene citrate (one of the fertility drug), ovulation induction with Gonadotropin hormone and IUI is also the prior method to be pregnant.

One of the common and most accepted fertility drugs are – Clomiphene and Gonadotropin. Taking these fertility drugs, female’s reproductive hormone regulates. This causes the female’s ovaries to reproduce more than one egg at the time of her ovulation process. Most of the women take this option for 2-3 month to attain pregnancy before going for advance fertility treatment or option.

Clomiphene can cause some side effects such as – mood swings, pelvic pain, mild depression, headache, hot flashes etc. Gonadotropin can cause swelling at the area where it has been inject, again the female patient may have mood swings, abdominal bloating, headache.

IUI treatment – IUI is fully known as Intrauterine Insemination, this is termed as AI as well (artificial insemination). This takes a simple procedure. It involves transferring a concentrated amount of male partner’s sperms (or a donor if the male partner is unable to supply with more than average quantity of sperms) into female’s uterus.

The female has a choice here, whether she chooses this treatment with fertility drugs or without. Generally, IUI is best performed with the fertility medications. The female may feel cramping for a day after this procedure. This method can also cause side effects like mood swings or breast tenderness.

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