The latest Proposal projected by Tourism Ministry on The Reduction of E-Visa fee

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The latest Proposal projected by Tourism Ministry on The Reduction of E-Visa fee

Plan Your Visit

Visitors coming to India must require a Visa according to India Diplomatic Mission, although there are some countries that do not have need of Visa or even passport to pass through India and stay behind in the country as much as they want. Inhabitants of these countries freely can work in India too; and the countries are – Nepal and Bhutan.

Introduction of E-Visa

On 27th November 2014, E-Visa or Electronic Visa became operational for inhabitants of over 40 eligible countries and this was later altered and has been expanded to 113 countries (in the year of 2015, August).  This system has come out and issued for –

  • Tourists, who are coming to India to meet with their friends or relatives,
  • Visitors coming for short duration for business deals or treaty
  • For medical-related treatment     

The above-mentioned scheme was renamed as E-Tourist Visa (formerly was known as ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization) on 15th April 2015. And this scheme has been advanced on 1st April 2017 from E-tourist Visa to e-Visa with 3 sub-categories –

  • E-Tourist Visa (for a short trip to India)
  • E-Business Visa (tourists coming for their business deals etc.)
  • E-Medical Visa (individuals coming for their medical treatment)

A visitor is required to fill the application form for the e-Visa at least four days in advance of the arrival date, also he or she can have a safer side to book the e-Visa as early as 120 days before departure from own country. The E-visa Fees are separated into four slabs.

Latest Cut-Rate for Acquiring E-Visa –

With the main goal of attracting more overseas travellers to India, the latest and much affordable e-Visa fee has been proposed by the team of Tourism Ministry, offering the tourists to choose short term as well as long term e-Visa at marginal cost.

Tourism Minister Prahlad Patel, on Tuesday (20th August 2019) has announced that India now will have all time economical range of e-Visa, whether it is lean or peak period. He along with the team has proposed subdivided E-Visa cost for the travellers, who are planning their visit to India for a short duration.

The Fee of e-Visa for a period of 30 days during July to March (peak season) will be $25 and the one who is outlining their visit to India in lean season (April to June) is to be supposed to charges $10.

Ministry also has introduced Five-year E-Visa scheme, that costs $80 and for those travellers, who will be staying India for one year, have to pay $40.

This e-Visa cost considerably cheaper than the values right now India had. This proposal of the cost of e-Visa would be soon in effect.  The cut-rate of e-Visa reduction has got the nod by the Home Ministry and now it is in under-consideration by the Ministry of External Affairs. An official announcement soon is to regulate on this tender.

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