Is test Tube Baby Treatment are Affordable in Delhi? - Dynamic Fertility

Is test Tube Baby Treatment are Affordable in Delhi?

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September 6, 2017
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Is test Tube Baby Treatment are Affordable in Delhi?

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Childbirth is the best gift ever being given to couple, but it is not always possible to conceive a child by natural methods. Few decades ago though there were no other way out other than adoption now as there is advancement in technology we have bought up new ways that have made possibilities to conceive a baby of your own.

Infertility cannot be defined with one single word, there can be various reasons by which infertility can take place in the body, and we just need to be alert to identify the causes of infertility. There are various medical issues that can be solved and a lady can conceive while there are many other issues that are not worth resolving and in such cases IVF is the best option. This is a process in which egg is combined with the sperm manually and then the fertilized egg is transferred to the women’s uterus.

Advantages a couple get from IVF treatment

IVF has proven to be beneficial to the couples who find difficult to conceive naturally. The ultimate goal of IVF is to achieve a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

The major plus points of IVF are as follows:

  • Blocked or damaged tubes: for women’s suffering with blocked or damaged fallopian tube, IVF is the best option to have a child using their own egg.
  • Older couples or patients with low ovarian reserve: IVF is used to maximize the chance to conceive for older patients.
  • Infertility issues in male: couples with male infertility problems have much higher chances of conceiving through IVF. There are various laboratory techniques available such as ICSI which proves to beneficial to such couples.
  • Unexplained infertility: in today’s era there are many causes by which infertility can occur and many remain undiagnosed even after investigation. In such cases IVF treatment proves to be successful for many couples
  • Endometriosis: women with endometriosis may try IVF for conceiving

Affordability of test tube babies in Delhi

Delhi is one of the major metropolitan cities and is vastly populated. This city provides numerous options when we talk about anything.

When we talk of IVF treatment it’s not cheap but it’s not quite expensive as well, you will find IVF treatment affordable and within your budget.

To be very precise the cost for the entire procedure lies between RS. 1,00,000 to RS. 2,00,000

Depending upon individual treatment such as embryo freezing, sperm or egg donation or ICSI.

In India the cost of IVF treatment is considerably low as compare to other western countries.

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