I ndia is the country to provide surrogacy treatment at an affordable cost. The Surrogacy Cost in India of treatment is low when compared to their own country because of the availability of the women opting for becoming surrogates for the intended parents who wish to have their own genetic child. However, laws of other countries are also strict and do not allow females to become surrogates and be paid a certain amount of money by the intended couple. Therefore, none of the females in abroad is willing to become the surrogate or wish to give their time and effort to the intended parent.

S urrogacy treatment is very much economical in India for national as well as international patients. Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre Delhi offers surrogacy to patients coming from countries like USA, UK, Brazil and others at very nominal cost in Delhi, India when compared to the treatment cost in their own countries. This is because the surrogates in India charge very nominal for giving their womb on rent. Moreover, surrogates in India also get some compensation for renting her womb to an intended couple for a period of time.There are laws applicable in India, which ensure that the surrogates are also protected along with the intended parents. As the compensation is provided to the surrogates it becomes a helping hand for the illiterate unemployed woman who rents their womb to have some source of earning in case of emergency.

Special arrangements are done for the surrogates and intended parents to match up the needs of both the parties in all respects where all medical as well legal aspects are also involved.


The payment for the procedure is given in step by step mode according to the stages of the surrogacy. The total cost of the surrogacy treatment becomes ranges between Rs. 11 - 12 Lakhs plus additional charges of medicines prescribed by the doctor. The Cost of surrogacy in Dynamic Fertility and IVF centre, Delhi India differs on basis of a single baby normal delivery and for a Caesarean Section Delivery using your own eggs. If in case, the egg donors are used, the cost differs by approx.50,000 to 75000 Rs. for single vaginal delivery and for a Caesarean Section Delivery.

Dynamic Fertility Centre Delhi, India offers treatment at approximately 33 % of the cost of treatment in other countries. As well as other factors like travel, stay, treatment and other facilities also play a major role in reducing the overall cost of treatment in Delhi. Various attractive packages are also offered depending on the types of surrogacy. Transparency in regard to the cost of treatment is maintained between the clinic, intended parent, and Surrogate to ensure the trust. No hidden charges or taxes are imposed on the patient apart from those specified in the package discussed at initial stage. However, cost may changeon the basis of extra facilities if included like investigations, hospitalization, medication, freezing of extra embryos, and DNA testing and others.


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