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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in India

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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in India

Surrogacy is an expensive procedure that includes the cost of conception, compensations, medicines, delivery etc. Surrogacy cost in India 2021 starts from INR. 11,00,000. It will increase according to various factors and approaches in the treatment.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the best procedure to deal with infertility as it provides a biological child in the hands of the infertile couple. In it, a woman becomes a surrogate mother for carrying and delivering a child of the couple. Usually, for conception, the couple embryos form through IVF treatment and implants in the surrogate uterus. It is gestational surrogacy that performs with embryos forming, with the eggs and sperm insemination of the couple. With medicines, the eggs production enhances that helps in the successful conception of the surrogate. It has the capability of providing the biological child to the intended parents. More than one embryo will transfer for the higher possibility and success results. Traditional surrogacy is another way of surrogate conception and, in it, only the sperm of the intended father use and the surrogate mother egg. For fertilization, the IUI treatment cycle assists in which the male sperm inserts into the female uterus with the help of an injection.

Surrogacy is successful in every severe infertility condition as it can also perform with the donor eggs or sperm. Many countries allow their citizen and noncitizens also to have surrogacy. India is the best destination for infertility treatments as various centres with the best-experienced specialists are available. The surrogacy package in India helps patients to pay the treatment bills for their comfort. The surrogacy success rate in India is higher than in other countries.

What are the laws for surrogacy in India?

The current status of surrogacy in India is as only Indian Citizens with severe infertility issues can have surrogacy treatment. International couples cannot have surrogacy as their treatment in India due to new rules and protocols by the government. According to the Indian surrogacy bill (2016), to have surrogates, Indian couples must have been married for at least five years and have been diagnosed with infertility.

The legal contract will be between the surrogate and commissioning parents for higher security.

Only heterosexual couples with failure and no chances of conception through infertility treatments can have it.

What is the surrogate mother?

The surrogate mother is a woman who conceives and delivers the baby to the prospective parents. They opt for a surrogate for having their child as many times some couples have incapability of giving birth. Intended parents have to choose one surrogate for their child. It can accomplish by selecting one from any agency or find one own. Choosing from the agency will be a highly perfect match as they maintain a broad database of them.

You have to select the woman as a surrogate young, healthy, have one own child and have a reliable family background. They are two types gestational carrier and traditional. Gestational is the extensive and latest procedure that profoundly recommends the method from the legal viewpoint. You can select the woman as the surrogate mother for your child after an entire evaluation of her mental, psychological, physical and family background.  

What is the surrogacy process in India?

The surrogacy process includes steps as per the type and infertility condition of the commissioning parents. The two types of surrogacy are gestational and traditional in India. Gestational has a wide suggestion in India due to the reduced amount of legal intricacy. In India, altruistic or unpaid surrogacy is also allowed that do not require surrogate compensation. The expected parents can select one from their family or friend interested in helping them. Due to the procedure Surrogacy Success Rate in India is high.

The procedure of gestational surrogacy in India is following:

1.        SELECTING:The prospective parents will select the surrogate mother as per criteria. She has to be healthy, young, have a biological child and be married. You have to choose a perfect match based on skin, eye, hair colour, physical appearance, weight and height.The clinic expert will examine the health and capability of her reproductive organs for conceiving a healthy baby. After selecting, you and the surrogate will confirm the legal formalities by signing them.
2.        COLLECTING EGGS AND SPERM: Your expert will prescribe the hormonal medicines to the female partner to stimulate the ovaries and enhance egg production and maturity. With the help of ultrasound, it will monitor and retrieve at the perfect timing.A catheter will insert with the help of Transvaginal ultrasound into the intended mother uterus. The light and camera assist your expert and, through a needle, the eggs collect from its follicles. On the other hand, the male partner will give sperm by producing through ejaculation. Additional approaches can also assist in sperm retrieval.
3.        FERTILIZATION: On a Petri Plate, the eggs and sperm will place together for insemination. The sperm will attach heads in the eggs and enter their cytoplasm. If the couple is over age 35, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) fertilize the eggs and sperm. It will form embryos from them.
4.        IMPLANTATION:Your expert will observe embryos to select the highly developed from them. With the help of a catheter, the expert will place or more than into the surrogate uterus.
5.        RESULTS:It will attach to the uterus lining and grow. A blood test will confirm the pregnancy of the surrogate mother after two weeks.   
6.        AFTERCARE: After confirmation, the surrogate mother will have to visit the doctor every one and two months for routine checkups.
7.        DELIVERY: After nine months, delivery of the child through natural vaginal delivery or cesarean type.
How much does surrogacy cost in India at the best centre?

The DYNAMIC FERTILITY and IVF CENTER is the well-known surrogacy centre in India. It has the best Surrogacy Package in India.

The surrogacy cost in India ranges from INR. 11,00,000 to INR. 12,00,000. It will affect by different factors and aspects in the treatment.

The Surrogacy Success Rate in India by the centre is high as 72% with self eggs and sperm. It has 85% with the donor eggs.  

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