Surrogacy Cost in Delhi: Very Affordable Surrogacy Packages

Surrogacy Cost in Delhi | Best Surrogacy Doctor in Delhi

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Surrogacy Cost in Delhi | Best Surrogacy Doctor in Delhi

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Surrogacy in Delhi 
Surrogacy Cost in Delhi

The surrogacy cost in Delhi ranges from INR. 12,00,000. It will increase according to your requirement for treatment.

Surrogacy is a procedure that takes place between three people. The surrogacy and couple (male and female) are the three people who accomplish the surrogacy treatment. An incurable condition of infertility surrogacy is the last option that will offer the couple their biological child. Surrogacy is not an inexpensive method as it requires a higher period than other treatments and various kinds of charges to proceed. In surrogacy, a woman will carry and deliver the child of the infertile couple known as the surrogate mother. The couple will pay her for giving them their child. Because of contemporary technologies and advanced processes, surrogacy is becoming more popular. It is a well-known infertility treatment method. In India, surrogacy is very famous for its approach and success rate. The cost of Surrogacy in Delhi can affect your pocket thoroughly.

If your doctor has recommended surrogacy in India, you may be wondering what is traditional surrogacy. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi? The best destination for your surrogacy etc. Here are answers to all your thoughts!

In India, surrogacy is offered only to Indian citizens as a commercial surrogacy ban. Since 2015, banned in India due to the excessive exploitation of the surrogate mother and abandoned children by parents after birth. According to the rules in India, only heterosexual couples are allowed to have surrogacy only and same-sex couples prohibit from having surrogacy. International partners cannot have surrogacy in India due to the ban. To be considered for surrogacy in India, you must have been married for at least five years and have a validated certificate of infertility.

How will surrogacy affect the pocket of a person?

The total cost of Surrogacy cost will depend on various aspects. Your factors of surrogacy cost are:

  • Type: surrogacy is two types, gestational and traditional surrogacy. The cost of traditional surrogacy will be lower than gestational surrogacy as it requires a modern method. In It IVF treatment assist in the conception of the surrogate and in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother will conceive through the IUI treatment. The IUI cost is lower than IVF. But Gestational surrogacy is the first recommendation of every centre or doctor.
  • Destination: the place of your surrogacy treatment will affect your cost of treatment in India. Surrogacy costs in a metropolitan will be different from the other states.
  • Legal formalities: the surrogate mother and the couple will be bound to the legal contract of surrogacy according to the laws. The charges of the paperwork and lawyer fees will affect the total cost of the surrogacy package in Delhi.
  • Finding a surrogate: you have to find a surrogate mother yourself or can choose from the agencies. Finding the perfect match for surrogate mother agencies will cost extra. If you cannot locate the best surrogate in a few options, the fees for identifying and screening the surrogate will increase. 
  • Surrogate: you will compensate the surrogate mother by giving her money. If the surrogate mother requires other facilities like lodging and traveling will cost extra in surrogacy. 
  • Medicines: the medications will affect the cost of surrogacy in India as it requires the entire period of surrogate conception to the delivery.
  • Checkups: The routine checkups of the surrogate mother after the confirmation of her pregnancy will affect the cost of surrogacy.
  • Delivery: the type of delivery will affect the total surrogacy cost in Delhi as the Cesarean type delivery is more costly than the normal vaginal delivery.

What is the process for surrogate mothers in Delhi?

All the steps in the process will perform by fertility experts and specialists. The Surrogate mother process in Delhi is as follows:

1.       Selecting a surrogate mother (through the agency or finding own)

2.       Egg and sperm retrieval of you and your partner

3.       Insemination of your sperm and eggs

4.       Implantation of form embryo into the surrogate uterus

5.       A pregnancy test of a surrogate after two weeks

6.       Routine checkups and antenatal care of the surrogate mother

7.       After nine months of successful pregnancy delivery (vaginal or cesarean type)   

How much does surrogacy cost in India?

The cost of surrogacy in India is much more than in other countries. Surrogacy costs in Delhi will influence by the mentioned elements. The starting cost of surrogacy in Delhi is INR. 12,00,000. It is a package of per IVF cycle with self sperm and eggs, medication and surrogate mother. It can go up to INR. 20,00,000 as the approaches and needs of the couple. It includes multiple IVF cycles with self and donor eggs and sperm, medication and surrogate mother. Clinics reputation, the experience of doctors, the needs of the surrogate mother, and failures of the IVF cycle will affect the cost of surrogacy in India. The Surrogate Mother Cost in Delhi affects the total cost of surrogacy as her compensation, different charges, caretaker, routine checkups will include.

Surrogacy has high success rates in India as it provides a high chance to have own biological child.

Which is the best surrogacy centre in Delhi with a high success rate?

You must be looking for the best surrogacy centre in Delhi so, your search ends here. The centre rises to the top by offering a wide range of services and amenities at reasonable prices with high success rates. One of India’s top and most well-known surrogacy and fertility treatment centres is the Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre in Delhi. The Delhi clinic features a knowledgeable and helpful medical team. Their consulting service provides 24 hours seven days by top-rated, experienced consultants. It also offers low cost surrogate mother in Delhi.It has the highest success rates of surrogacy as with self eggs and, sperm is 72% in Delhi and with donor egg is 85%. For cost affordability, they provide various packages that include charges, screening, lodging, travelling etc. In Delhi. They have complete families of many couples through it in Delhi feedbacks depict. It has the Best Surrogacy Doctor in Delhi.

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