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How to Select Best Egg Donor?

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How to Select Best Egg Donor?

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When we talk about selecting an egg donor, it is one of the toughest decisions that one will ever face. With various factors to consider during selection of an egg donor it is important to think about the qualities that mean the most to you and your partner. At “dynamic fertility and ivf center” we have gathered our best and time tested advice for helping you out in egg donor selection process. One of the major steps on your fertility journey is deciding to go for an ivf egg donor process, but the most toughest choices to follow are:

  1. How to find perfect egg donor?
  2. Where to start from?
  3. Parameters to consider before choosing an egg donor?

Let us precise this process of decision making at “dynamic fertility and ivf center delhi”. The team @ dynamic believes in providing best assessment to our patients which satisfies them according to their wish.  Lets precise this whole process of decision making into three simple steps with answers:

  • Prepare your emotionally to move forward with donors egg: “are you mentally prepared to go with donors egg”, easy to ask but tough to answer. Treatment using donor’s egg to conceive is not that easy for anyone, as by this time couples may have experienced many unsuccessful attempts which is painful for both partners.
  • Should you go with frozen eggs or fresh eggs
  • Get clear with the qualities in egg donor that is important for you:

In the early stage of choosing egg donor the very first question that strikes every couples mind is” how to choose an egg donor”? There should be some base line in order to choose best egg donor  for yourself. Some criteria to give you a rough idea are as follows:

  • Appearance:
  1. Height
  2. Hair color
  3. Eye color
  4. Physical appearance
  5. Best feature

Many egg donor recipients expect or are interested with donors with similar features

  • Personal background: personal background of the donors includes details such as
  1. Education
  2. Career
  3. Family background
  4. Personality

Background of the donor of egg

  1. Ethnic
  2. Religious

This is the most important point as many families going for donors egg treatment look for background that matches their own.



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