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Remedies, which can wipe out fertility problems

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Remedies, which can wipe out fertility problems

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When it comes to count the biggest dream of a woman, guess what would be that- To welcome the days of her motherhood. True! At a certain stage of each couple’s life after getting married is to achieve a jovial journey of pregnancy. Giving birth to a baby is one of the most ecstatic feelings for a woman. Some of the women get easily pregnant while others may face hurdles in achieving their pregnancy.

If a couple is trying to conceive for more than six month and unable to earn the wings of being conceived than the couple is likely suffering with fertility issue. A few decades ago, infertile female counts were high comparing with male counts but now the ratio of infertile males are also increasing day by day touching the level of infertile female counts.

There are several reasons to say why the person is unable to give birth by natural procedure like- environment factor, urban lifestyle, unhealthy diet, improper schedule, over drinking of alcohol, over usage of drugs, chewing tobacco, nicotine, taking excess caffeine etc. Infertility is nothing but a hormonal imbalance of the body system.

It’s all the hormones that work well to maintain our system, so if there will be any hormonal changes and that too severe it would affect our organ system, it may give rise to many disorders and out of many disorders, we are talking about Infertility.

Let’s read some natural and unnatural remedies for fertility problems

There are few major points that you should take care such as your ovulation timing (is it regular or irregular), your partner’s sperm quality, the third and crucial factor is the way you live your life i.e. Lifestyle.

If you are trying to get conceive, following some remedies may be fruitful for you in the way of your fertility problem.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important points that come in soothing the level of any Fertility issue. Fertility problem can develop due the lack of Vitamin D as well therefore, it is required to spike up vitamin d level in your body. The best method to take vitamin D is to bask in the early morning sunlight for 10-15 minutes or you can have egg yolk and cheese to boost your Vitamin D level.

Take Cinnamon

By just adding a tea spoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of warm water, drink daily this mixture for a few months. This helps in functioning well of female’s ovaries and thus it wraps up into decent ovulation. It is also used in the medication of PCOS syndrome, where numerous cysts develop into the ovaries and coming as a result of infertility.

Maca Root

Yes! This is the most efficacious remedy to treat with male as well as female infertility. Maca root is beneficial to treat infertility both in men and in women. Maca Root facilitates the production of hormones in the body as well as it balances the hormonal level of the body- and thus it lends the helping hand to solve infertility issue. You may have maca root powder with warm milk or warm water for best result. Once the female has attained pregnancy, maca root is strictly forbidden to her.

Have Pomegranate 

This fruit gives productive result to increase the blood flow in the female’s pelvic area. Pomegranate is said to enhance the fertility potential in females and increase the rate of growth in pregnant women.

It also causes the women’s uterine lining to become stronger and thicker in order to reduce the possibility of miscarriage. If the uterus lining is strong enough or capable to hold a foetus, then it is but obvious that the embryo successfully develops. This fruit must be consumed fresh in the correct way for several weeks to polish off your fertility.

How the Dates are effective remedy for fertility issue

Dates contain essential vitamins and minerals that help in the way to get pregnant, vitamins like Vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin E and multiple minerals too. These are those vitamins, which plays a crucial role in achieving healthy pregnancy.

How to intake Dates? You can grind approx. 12-13 dates, without containing the seeds with at least two spoons of coriander roots or else you can mix this paste to a cup of cow’s milk and then boil it. Take this combination for dew weeks.

At the end

These are some of the effective home remedies to say bye bye of your Infertility issue (if only your infertility has not touched its zenith level).

Red Clover, Rock salt, Raspberry leaves, Folic acid, using of alum covered with cotton, Omega 3, Ashwagandha, Dandelion, Alfalfa etc. – these are some other natural remedies that clears up the hiccups of fertility problems.

Apart of these natural treatments, there are advance fertility treatments as well, which comes in ART technique. These unnatural modes of medications are used when the male or female is facing with severe infertility problems. Amongst many of these ART techniques, one of the most widely accepted fertility treatment is IVF- In Vitro Fertilization, also termed as test tube baby course. To know which of the mode of treatment will suit you, you have to visit your fertility expert.

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