Rahul & Priya Have a Baby after 13 years of marriage from IVF

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January 20, 2018
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January 24, 2018
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Rahul & Priya Have a Baby after 13 years of marriage from IVF

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A women is completed only after she becomes a mother and this is something every women dreams of. Hope of becoming a mother……after 13 years of marriage & I was losing hope, every single passing day was a trauma for both of us. It was not only the pain of not getting pregnant but also the social scenario and stigma attached to it was making our days harder and harder. Both of us were getting desperate day by day to have a kid of our own, then after consulting many doctors we decided to go ahead for treatment.


Like all working couples of our age, we too were busy pursuing our careers, meeting our demands and having good time. We sat and discussed that it was right time for us to think of our own family, until I discovered wrong side of being in thirty, and that was the time when I realized that one cannot conceive overnight. I had heard a lot about difficulties couples nowadays face while conceiving due to many environmental reasons and social reasons whether it is due to stress, obesity etc…But I never thought that I would be the living example of such case.

We were referred to dynamic fertility and ivf centre, which is located in south extension part 1. At first meeting we both were being counseled wherein we were informed that the chances of getting pregnant is 50-50 as ivf is not a guaranteed treatment, but we were sure that if we are positive everything’s going to be in our favour. I went through 2 attempts out of which finally in the 2nd attempt I got the positive news. There was nothing that could hold me back; I was excited as well as nervous at the same time, I couldn’t make out how to express my happiness, my feelings …..Overall it was amazing. And finally the day came when I could hold my baby…..my world in my arms…

I would like to thank the whole team of dynamic who is directly or indirectly involved into this and have granted me with the opportunity to mom.

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