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Questions to ask surrogate Mother in India?

Who qualifies to be a Surrogate Mother?
May 29, 2018
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June 4, 2018
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Questions to ask surrogate Mother in India?

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The following are some important questions which need to ask from surrogate mother before she delivers her services to intended parents. These are as follows:

a) Does your surrogate mother have the thorough knowledge about the surrogacy?

Becoming a surrogate mother for someone else is a big commitment and also a great experience to build a family for others. There are surrogate applicants who study a lot about surrogacy to understand and attain the best knowledge to be a surrogate for someone else.

b) What was the surrogate are other pregnancies like?

There are women who wish to become a surrogate mother and have experienced one or more pregnancies whether having own babies or for intended parents. It always better to ask the surrogate about her morning sickness, about the delivery status or any kind of issues she encountered during her pregnancy. Asking these questions will help you to know whether she is likely to have a healthy pregnancy for you or not.

c) Do your surrogate mother smoke or consume alcohol?

To carry a healthy pregnancy your surrogate should stay a healthy lifestyle. So before you choose the surrogate mother it’s a good practice to ask her clearly before begin your treatment that she takes drugs, alcohol, tobacco etc. In case, she smokes then make sure that she will willingly quit the smoking at least prior 3 months of the treatment. Also, the hospitals and clinics under Dynamic Fertility, the medical tourism company will conduct the medical examination which clearly indicates the lifestyle of your surrogate mother.

d) Is your surrogate accepting to carry twins or more?

There are chances of having multiple births using the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. In surrogacy, the embryologist will transfer more embryos into the womb of the surrogate mother and this is the reason that there are chances of having twins, triplets or more. Your embryologist will transfer at least two embryos to increase the chances of having a baby.

This is the very important question which needs to be asking from surrogate mother as she is comfortable in carrying the twins or more or she wishes to undergo for a selective reduction of the embryos to keep just one of them?

Most of the intended parents wish to have twins through surrogacy; however, they need to keep in mind that multiple pregnancies can also increase the risk of miscarriages.

e) Are the family of your surrogate mother supports her decision of becoming a surrogate for you?

Being a surrogate mother it is very demanding both emotionally and physically. In such cases, the support from your family and friends is essential which will help you in the surrogacy procedure and in your entire pregnancy journey. If you do not have enough support from your family then it became difficult for you as well as the intended parents to continue with the surrogacy procedure with you as their surrogate mother.

f) Is your surrogate expecting anything else to be covered apart from the related pregnancy expenses?

It’s better to speak to your surrogate mother about the cost before preceding the treatment so that you will not end up with surprises.

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