Planning for IVF treatment India? Salient points you should know more about IVF.

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Planning for IVF treatment India? Salient points you should know more about IVF.

Planning for IVF Treatment in india

IVF treatment India has emerged as a light at the end of the tunnel or we can say that it is a magic wand of harry potter. Anyways joke apart, IVF is undeniably a universal remedy for the entire fertility bone of contention topic. The subject of infertility in India has become the most discussed topic amongst many individuals and no doubt, IVF is the cure of it. IVF treatment in India has taken a big jump in previous years and now it is globally accepted as the magic formula of each fertility problem. It’s not always IVF course of medication, which is alone used to decipher the matter of infertility, but several other treatments are also combined with IVF to get efficacious outcome from the concern treatment and this is the significant reason why IVF is often called as the king treatment of infertility disorder. Here we have scratched the basic information of IVF treatment India and now it’s the time to go through all those points, which one must have to know before going for their IVF treatment.

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Here is the procedure of IVF treatment in India

There are five-six steps in the procedure of IVF treatment India, they are

  • Regulation of hormones

One of the first steps of IVF treatment is to regulate the hormones and ovulation cycle. This process is generally applied to those women, who suffer from irregular menstrual cycle. This procedure is fulfilled by prescribing birth control pills.

  • Ovaries stimulation

In this step of IVF treatment in India, Gonadotropin (fertility drug) has to take for 8-14 days at the time of starting of female’s menstrual cycle; synthetic hormones like leuprolide or cetrorelix also need to be taken by the female to unleash the eggs early from the body. Fertility medication is prescribed to the female in order to get multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure in spite of getting a single egg.

  • Time of Trigger shot

The female has to visit the clinic twice or thrice in a week to have the blood hormones level checked and vaginal ultrasound of the ovaries measured. This investigation is done to screen the follicles. Once the follicles are matured enough and ready to be taken out, a “trigger shot” (an injection, which causes the eggs to be fully fledged and matured) is given.  Within 36-40 hour of this injection, eggs are full ready to be obtained.

  • Retrieval of the eggs

This is the crucial step and is strictly suggested to be carried out by the fertility experts only. During this step of IVF India, local anaesthesia is given to the female to avoid any discomfort. Eggs are retrieved by using thin needle, which sucks out the follicles containing eggs. This thin needle is inserted through the vaginal wall to obtain the eggs from the follicles.

  • Fertilization

On the same day of the egg retrieval, semen sample is collected by the male partner for fertilization. Placing the eggs and the sperms in the same culture dish, fertilization is facilitated. Motile and active sperm penetrates into the egg and fused with it, resultant fertilization.

If sperm quality is not good (less motile or have low sperm count), then IVF with ICSI is look with favour on to get positive outcome.

  • Embryo transfer

Within three to five days of egg retrieval process, embryo transfer is accomplished at the stage of blastocyst. Embryologist selects two of the best embryo and then transfers into the uterus of the female for successful implantation. Within 10-14 days, pregnancy test is scheduled by the clinic and if the result is positive then the later days of the pregnancy will be normal as the natural mode of pregnancy happens.

IVF treatment in India as a stroke of luck for many infertile couples

Exactly! It is true; IVF treatment India has given a new ray of sun-shine that has illuminated the gloomy days of infertile couples and that too permanently by fulfilling their biggest dream. It happens sometimes that the couple couldn’t get success at the first attempt of IVF cycle but you must have heard the proverb ‘Every Dark cloud has a silver lining’, so yes! Even if you received a bad luck for the first time of IVF treatment, trust on the best IVF centre in India because the bad days soon will say you bye-Bye.

IVF treatment success rate majorly relies on the age of the woman, whose eggs are used for fertilization. On the grounds of the age of the women, success rate of IVF India depends. Sperm quality, embryo quality and most important- experience of the fertility experts contributes the way to success in the journey of IVF. IVF in India has been helping millions of infertile couples for the past many years. Cost of IVF in India is easily affordable by all the infertile couples. If we compare IVF Cost in India with other countries cost, then we will get to a conclusion that India is the only country that is offering IVF in such a slashed price.

Why Dynamic fertility & IVF Centre?

From where to undergo IVF treatment in India? Which clinic will be best for me? Why should I select this clinic? GOSH! there are numerous questions that revolve in the mind of infertile couples before selecting any fertility clinic for their treatment and to be very frank IVF and other course of fertility medications are not that simple or easy to play, No! It is not actually! This is the reason, why experience veterans are only needed in IVF treatment to get positive outcome.

We- The Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre is rich in using the advanced technology and high-tech ways to attain a positive net-result that shines through in every patient’s case. Dr Nalini Gupta, the veteran & a master hand specialist on IVF course of medication, has been serving the infertile patients for the past 35 years with giving the best results and success rate for IVF treatment in India. There is full transparency in the package of IVF India, the consultants or the doctors of Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre never kept the patient in dark at any step of IVF treatment India.

Take your proper time after all it’s the crucial decision you & your partner going to take, but don’t waste your time as your age really matters to achieve the victory for this treatment. Best of luck for your treatment and warm welcome in our Clinic (Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre- South-ex, Delhi, India).

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