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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

  • A well grown complete family with the PGD fertility treatment sayings goes in vain until and unless the treatments reciprocate themselves with the results.

N owadays, infertility seems to be scar on the face of the infertile couples to the society leading them to go under depression and other health issues. But now with the modern medical solutions at Dynamic Fertility and IVF center , the experts reciprocate the sayings of themselves and the patients who have taken treatment from from here by providing best infertility treatment.

S o, it’s completely fine to have a sigh of relief for the infertile expecting parents to leave all the concern for the experts here. Experts team of doctors here aims to provide best infertility solution by proving a treatment called PGD i.e. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

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What PGD actually is?

P GS can be defined as a procedure of reproductive technology which involves the diagnosis of genetic defects before the implantation of the embryo created by In Vitro fertilization. Detection of genetic defects is done to prevent any sort of genetic disorders after the birth which are passed onto the child by the ancestors.

Process of PGD

Process of PGD is very normal. It is a casual process of in vitro fertilization which involves egg retrieval and fertilization in the laboratories. Further, over the three days of culture of the embryo, it will be ready to divide into eight cells.

Steps involved in the process of PGD are as follows:

Removal of cells
Firstly, one or two of the cells are removed from the embryo after the embryo is ready for division.
Evaluation of cells
After the removal, the cells selected are evaluated in order to determine the gene with the inherited genetic defects, if in case they are present in the embryo.
Placing back of embryos
Once the procedure of PGD is completed and the embryos are diagnosed free from any genetic defects, they are placed back into the uterus followed by the implantation of the embryos.
Freezing embryos
Additional embryos which are not be used for the present can be stored by freezing them and used as and when required in future whereas the problematic gene embryos are destroyed.

Who all can be benefited from PGD?

The list of patients who can have the benefits from PGD are as follows:

  • Sex linked gene disorders carriers
  • Females with the age 35 and above
  • Individuals with chromosomal disorders
  • Carriers of sex linked disorders
  • Past history of failed IVF treatments
  • History of miscarriage

This process of PGD is also used for the identification of gender however, this identification if considered illegal if done for the discard of embryo on the basis of gender.

Advantages of PGD

There are various advantages of PGD and some of them are as follows:

  • Enables the desired couples to pursue biological children
  • Capability to test more than 100 unique genetic conditions
  • Procedure performed before implantation thus allowing the couple to decide whether they desire to continue the pregnancy or not.
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