Our Patient KYNDALL’s IVF Journey with Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre

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Our Patient KYNDALL’s IVF Journey with Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre

kyndall ivf patient Dynamic Fertility

Hello, to all the readers, who are planning for their IVF treatment from India and I am damn sure that you all must have numerous questions that might be running in your mind since when you planned for this treatment. Okay! So in this page, I am gonna share you nitty-gritty details of my IVF journey from Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre, which is located at New-Delhi, India.

Before I start my ride of IVF from my place (USA) to New Delhi, i just want to say A BIG BIG BIG THANKS to the entire team of Dynamic IVF CENTRE, who really have decent and full of etiquettes in their behaviour.

So, Yes! I began my search for the best and obviously under my budget IVF Centre; what fascinates me towards India is, beyond a shadow of doubt- it’s Cost. I was like seriously, Is it really like so or just a fake news? Then i got my eagle’s eye and looked up all the top 10 IVF Centres in Mumbai, New- Delhi etc. I talked with several of the IVF Centres’ co-ordinator and then I settled on Dynamic. As i already mentioned above, what attracts me about this clinic was their so warm and soothing co-ordination.

Lemme tell you all that I am a box of Questionnaire and at that time, was having a ton of questions. Must say about the way of Dynamic’s co-ordinator handled my all the questions in so so so breezeless manner that a super YES clicked in my mind for this clinic. The kit of IVF, which they offered, was in our pocket’s book so we were very happy to travel India.

The senior fertility expert of this clinic was really really superb. The one who says that Doctors are the piece of good fortune or a Godsend person, after meeting with Dr. Nalini Gupta (a senior fertility expert of Dynamic) I completely agree for this. True! She is the blessing for many of like us couples.

When we were planning about IVF, we scouted out several places for IVF and its chapter & verse. To be very frank in US, the basic cost of IVF starts with $13-15,000 USD and that too excluding the cost of medications or you can say hormonal injections. In addition, if talking about these IVF medication cost then it varies between 2,000-3,000 USD additional and summing up different process during IVF, it may take up to USD 20,000 to 25,000 even.

One more thing, in Mexico, we were planning for our IVF at $ 8000 approx, but i still found it’s too much and then he ended up in the name dropping India, he (the co-ordinator) was really a genuine person and was like – You can guyz can get cheaper way in India. And fortunately I came up with the decision of Dynamic.

You won’t imagine that my IVF medication cost from Dynamic Clinic is just $3,000 (for the entire procedure of IVF) this package of IVF includes – fertility medications, hormonal injections, egg retrieval and then embryo transfer.

I have heard about several IVF centres that they began in a fine and delicate manner of IVF treatment and say to the female patient that injections and all stuff you need to take care of. I was damn lucky in this matter, Guess what! This clinic has snatched away all the tension of mine and managed each and every step in superb way.

During my treatment, at the time of fertility medications, i used to go daily in the clinic by UBER cab, I found these cabs servicing very frequent, and thus, I prefer this. So, yeah what i was talking about the hormonal injections, the nurses of this clinic performs these injectable hormones daily in my stomach portion. Once after the completion of my entire IVF therapeutic, I easily went my place and Yipieeee! I got pregnant by IVF with the best guidance and A1 treatment from Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre’s fertility team. God Bless ya! You all have given a pleasant journey of my IVF treatment. Thank You So Much for fulfilling our biggest dream with your best guidance.

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