Our Journey to Parenthood with the help of IVF

Dr. Baidyanath Chakrabarty
Dr. Baidyanath Chakrabarty – A Trailblazer of IVF in India, endow his 33 years old institute to ICMR
September 4, 2019
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Best IVF journey one could Experience for one’s IVF Pregnancy
October 25, 2019
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Our Journey to Parenthood with the help of IVF

ivf testimonial

ivf testimonial

Seriously a tag of Childlessness is one of the most pathetic experiences I had ever in my life. But Yes, I have listened to several infertility cases, which have been turned into a Boon from a feeling of deep down sorrow. So, I never lose my hope of being pregnant because I was having a firm believe on Miracle Stories of IVF.

When my husband (William) and I (Sophia) outlined to plan for a baby at that time, we were around 33, so age never had a barrier in between our baby planning. When we tried to conceive, we failed to attain a positive pregnancy test. Initially, we thought that we might have skipped ovulation phase during the intercourse, but that was not there.  Unfortunately, I was having an infertility issue. The reason behind my infertility issue was my unhealthy eggs.

We went to seek medical guidance from one of our familiar gynaecologist (in the UK). She said to undergo few tests for the evaluation of my egg quality and my partner’s sperm mobility. Then we got to know regarding my fertility matter. The expert assured me that it’s not a big issue, so nothing to worry. They suggested me possible solution with Artificial methods to conceive.  As me and my partner’s age was under the age of 35, so I have been advised to undergo the basic course of medication.

I tell you one thing, in the UK it’s hard to go for even basic fertility treatments. Very Expensive! Still, we have looked into the primary fertility medication – Intra Uterine Insemination with stimulated cycle. The medicine and drug were too pricey, and so the entire procedure took for us. When we have investigated some leading fertility centres for the cost comparison, then we realised that the starting IUI price was from £895.00. Oh MY Gosh! That was hard to digest for us.

After gathering information about fertility treatments and its cost, we decided to wait for a few months more and let the trial be in continuation. But, here I was mistaken! We should have undergone IUI or even IVF treatment; Yes, we didn’t hear good news after waiting for six months.

Searched Breathlessly –

We scrounged like hell regarding the most affordable fertility treatment cost. And there we got a clue! INDIA – yes, had read thousands of articles, blogs about India’s low price of fertility treatment. The only hurdle which we had to choose India was the accommodation, lodgings, living area, etc. We never planned for India because of no connection in that country.

You won’t believe, in the phase of my trial of several attempts, I had been into so many sites of India’s leading IVF centre, enquired so many questions. Out of so many centres, Dynamic Fertility sounded authentic. What made me fascinating to think about this centre was the coordinator, who dealt my case. Instead of the time zone fluctuation of the Uk and India, whenever I called her, she didn’t just respond to my query but also had pleasantly greeted me. I must say the team of Dynamic group is hard-working.

One thing I want to mention here, we were new to Indian country, but Dynamic never made us felt this. They do have several amenities such as flight free pick-up, accommodation availability (though it charged, we got the room very nearby from the centre), the familiar environment.

The expert suggested us to go for IVF treatment to avoid any risk of not being pregnant. My AMH level was not excellent, but that was not even as poor, for I need to choose an egg donor with IVF.  Hence, we went IVF using our eggs and sperm.

My IVF Journey under the team of Dynamic Fertility –

I was shivering when they said the entire plan of IVF – undergoing through regular injections for 12-14 days. That was quite difficult for me; however, my husband and of course, the dynamic group was there with me. Although the patient usually applies the injections by own, I was so scared and me without saying them, they have given me an option to visit the centre, the nurse will handle your regular hormonal injections. These minute things made me trust in them.

Each step went well; they made me in comfort zone soon, and I gained confidence that they will surely accomplish the task by giving a positive outcome.

During my ovulation stimulation days, I usually visit the centre on a given date for the check-ups. The expert monitors my follicles (containing eggs). The time arrived when they were about to collect my eggs. I was hell nervous! But trust me, I felt nothing (as I was under local anaesthesia) and my eggs (8-10) are picked up eventually.

Okay, so summing up, I had a success EMBRYO TRANSFER- I mean IMPLANTATION. HURRAYYYY! I was so fortunate that I didn’t have to go for another IVF or even donor eggs. My IVF cycle got a hit for the first time!

Oops, a secret I didn’t say yet. This centre is very affordable for IVF treatment. You won’t imagine the cost of IUI what I was looking in my home place was even doubled compared to IVF treatment in India. I had a delightful journey with The team of Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre.

So, yes, after my successful implantation, we came back to our place (UK). And now guess what? By the grace of God, I have given birth to a Baby Boy.

Dynamic is the Reason of Hope –

Hope my IVF journey with Dynamic centre will provide you with a new hope of sunshine. I am so very lucky for being a patient of Dynamic Fertility, India. They are doing the best possible try to surprise the childless couples from their most awaited dream. I have received my BUNDLE OF JOY! Experience which I gained from this centre was fabulous and incredibly supportive. Even now also I’m connected with them via calls and chats. They are always there for any help. Even if you are stuck in confusion, you should consider Dynamic!

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