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How Much Does Test Tube Baby Cost Delhi?

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How Much Does Test Tube Baby Cost Delhi?

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test tube baby price in delhi

Test tube baby cost Delhi is popularly known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF); this is used to resolve the issue of infertility and is one of the proven fertility treatments to be a boon for several childless couples. In an addition, it is the most acceptable ART technique that comes in advanced infertility medication.

It is based on a sensible cost and thus it attracts numerous infertile couples to travel here to have their baby (via this method). Not only do Indian couples choose their destination place to come down in Delhi but also international couples in thousands travel through the air per year for their test tube baby course. The ease of use of advanced medical techniques and advancement in technology has led to huge success rates in the treatment.

Our centre, “DYNAMIC FERTILITY AND IVF CENTRE”, is equipped with highly advanced apparatus, equipment, an embryology laboratory, and skilled experts, who work intending to achieve success. We offer affordable IVF Costs to our patients, and this is the milestone that we have achieved that we have ranked as the no. 1 IVF CLINIC in Delhi. Because of the transparency and ethical practices that we follow. You can have the test tube baby Delhi cost with top assistance. 

The packages offered to patients are competitive and include all types of medication required for the procedure; therefore it has made sure that no extra amount will charge by patients. We are the utmost destination for couples who are seeking low-cost IVF treatment in Delhi.

When does IVF required for couples?


  • The woman faces endometriosis as the uterine tissues develop outside the uterus. It causes severe problems in female fertility and affects conception. 
  • A low sperm count of the male partner does not provide healthy sperm. It means the couple cannot conceive because of poor gametes fertilization. 
  • Some women have ovulation issues because of different conditions, such as PCOS or PCOD. 
  • Many abnormal conditions cause an irregular menstrual cycle in the woman. They cannot conceive their child naturally. 
  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes affect the reproduction process. The eggs and sperm cannot meet in the uterus to fertilize. 
  • Problems related to the uterus cause issues in successful fertilization. Fibroids, polyps, and scarring tissues are the conditions affecting the chances. 
  • Some partners have unexplained infertility that does not assist with different procedures. 

What makes me fascinated about Test Tube Baby Cost Delhi?

A dynamic group of team maintains a high success rate throughout all the fertility treatments whether it’s the method of test tube baby or Inta-cytoplasmic Insemination and so on. Test Tube Baby cost, provided by us is affordable and the best in industry norms.

Some most significant factors that pull another person to choose Test Tube baby treatment in Delhi are – 

a) Fertility experts of Dynamic never spend a lot of energy, time, or even unnecessary money on the patient or couple

b) Personalized care and proper attention

c) Without doing any compromise with the quality and service during the treatment, they serve reasonable and affordable packages to the couples so that any individual can think to undergo test tube baby medication without thinking too much regarding the charges of IVF

d) IVF treatment Cost in Delhi is the same for all international couples too (providing all the services)

e) High success rate

f) Advanced amenities and furnished with all the ultra-modern equipment

g) World-class fertility veterans (with more than enough experience)


It is undeniably much more affordable when compared to western countries (or international countries) but some major factors decide the sum amount of test tube baby course, that a couple suppose to give for their treatment. We will undergo these factors as we down the page.

So, it is better to ask complete breakdown price of an IVF cycle in separate steps, this will lead the couples to understand the different factors that influence them more deeply. Since you are going to pay in Lakh for your treatment, it is your right to clarify all the doubts coming up on the topic of your medication and cost structure.

Factors that influence Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi

Factors that can affect the cost of IVF treatment will also depend on the type of IVF that a couple opts for. Because every person is different, so the treatment plan for every individual should be based on his/her medical condition.

Factors that affect the charges of Test tube baby Delhi are

  1. Test Tube baby with Donor Eggs: This help when the female partner cannot produce healthy eggs. The process required viable and multiple eggs to perform. Your expert can recommend the donor eggs for having healthy oocytes. 
  2. Test Tube baby with Donor Sperms: The healthy male sperm is necessary to have the pregnancy outcome. It will affect the result if the male partner cannot produce healthy sperm for insemination. So, the donor sperm is the best choice to have a better pregnancy outcome. 
  3. Test Tube Baby with the IMSI method or PICSI technique: These methods help in successful egg and sperm fertilization. In normal fertilization, the eggs and sperm fertilize by mixing on a Petri plate. And IMSI or PICSI performs by selecting high-quality sperm under top observation. Then, they use ICSI for inseminations. The healthy sperm inject directly into the healthy mature eggs. 
  4. Donor Embryo Test tube Baby: The donor embryo is the healthy fertilized egg from another couple. It helps when both partners cannot produce healthy gametes. The embryo can implant inside the female partner for pregnancy outcome. 
  5. Test Tube baby with Sperm Surgical Retrieval: Male infertility conditions can have an obstruction or damaged reproductive tract. It functions by less invasive procedures to collect healthy sperm. The expert can inject a fine needle into the male testicles. It helps aspirate the substance that can have healthy sperm. 
  6. Test Tube Baby with Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH): The method helps in the fertilized egg implantation inside the female uterus. It functions by puncturing the embryo’s outer layer before transferring it into the womb. A thin needle uses to puncture as the eggs have thick outer shells. 
What does the basic test tube baby cost in Delhi? 


test tube baby price in delhi


These are some of the vital factors that step up the total amount of This Cost in Delhi. This treatment ranges between INR 1,50,000 to 1,75,000, but this cost is when the female provides her eggs, and the male partner gives his semen sample during the step of treatment. However, when any of them is unable to produce healthy quality eggs or sperm, then there comes the method of egg donor method or donor sperm with test tube baby treatment. Egg Donor with test tube baby is quite high compared with donor sperm in Delhi.

The Cost of a Test Tube Baby in Delhi with Donor eggs is INR 2,75,000 to 3,75,000, wherein the charge of Egg donor cost INR 1,50,000. The charges of the egg donor are high because the female (egg donor) donates her eggs. She has to undergo all the initial steps of the test tube procedure (such as fertility medication, hormonal drugs, ultrasounds, blood work, monitoring costs, collection of the eggs and lab charges). And, it is the reason why this costs more than donor sperm.

Donor Sperm cost only INR 35,000 – 55,000 and thus the sum amount of Test Tube Baby price in Delhi with Donor Sperm is INR 1,85,000 – 2,20,000.

Talking about the cost of the Donor Embryo Test Tube baby process, it is reasonable because, during this method, there is no kind of stimulation medications, as the Dynamic Fertility team uses a ready-made embryo for the embryo transfer step. Hence, the process of ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval are skipped, thus the cost of a donor embryo with test tube baby treatment includes the charges of the embryo, the step of embryo transfer, and some supportive medicines to achieve the pregnancy. It charges INR 2,50,000 – 2, 75,000 (including all the processes).

Test Tube Baby cost in Delhi with LAH is INR 1,90,000 – 2,00,000; LAH is reasonable and is also beneficial for couples undergoing their test tube baby treatment. The cost of the sperm surgical aspiration method is also nominal and easily affordable for infertile males.

If we talk about Test Tube baby treatment with ICSI, then it steps up the total cost by 2,000 or so and thus comes to the exact amount of INR 1,70,000 – 1,90,000.

Complete package of Test Tube Baby treatment with some advanced techniques 
Test Tube Baby Cost with Donor Egg INR 2,75,000 to 3,00,000
Test Tube Baby Cost with Donor Sperm INR 1,80,000 – 2,00,000
Test Tube Baby Cost with LAH method INR 1,70,000 – 1,80,000
Test Tube Baby cost with ICSI/IMSI INR 1,70,000 – 2,00,000
Test Tube Baby Cost with Embryo donor INR 2,30,000 – 2,50,000
Test Tube Baby Cost with MESA INR 2,40,000 – 2,55,000
Test Tube Baby Cost with TESA INR 2,00,000 – 2,20,000
 Test Tube Baby Cost with PESA INR 2,10,000 – 2,30,000
Basic Test Tube Baby Cost Delhi 
Charges Of Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi
IVF or Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi INR 1,50,000 – 1,75,000
Comparison of Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi and Other Countries

Brief information provides below specifying the cost of This treatment and other international countries. Meanwhile, at Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre, This is much more affordable.

Test Tube Cost in Delhi USD $3,300 – $3,500
Test Tube Cost in USA USD $12,500
Test Tube Cost in Europe USD $4,000 – $5,000
Test Tube Cost in Singapore USD $12,000 – $15,000
Test Tube Cost in Canada USD $10,000 – $14,000

Comparison of Test Tube baby cost Delhi and other places of India

Test Tube baby Cost in Mumbai INR 2,50,000 – 3,00,000
Test Tube baby Cost in Bangalore INR 2,00,000 – 2,50,000
Test Tube baby Cost in Kolkata INR 1,75,000 – 1,85,000
Test Tube baby Cost in Hyderabad INR 2,20,000 – 2,50,000
Test Tube baby Cost in Chennai INR 1,90,000 – 2,10,000
Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi INR 1,50,000 – 1,75,000
test tube baby cost in delhi

What are other factors affecting the IVF price in Delhi?

The mentioned basic test tube baby price in Delhi is affordable but not the same for everyone. Your treatment charges depend on various factors. The process is the crucial aspect for affecting the cost. You can have the best treatment and charges at affordable by knowing your conditions. The following factors affect the test tube baby cost in India:

  • The female partner has advanced age so, her chances to produce healthy eggs reduce. It causes issues during the insemination stage. Healthy eggs require for better pregnancy outcomes. 
  • You are choosing the best IVF in Delhi from another country or city will involve different charges. The budget will include your traveling, living, and other accommodations. 
  • The centre you select for the best treatment and outcome. They can have charges as per facilities and services. It increases the treatment price in Delhi. 
  • Your process can function with different advanced technologies and approaches that have high charges. 
We at DYNAMIC FERTILITY & IVF CENTRE are here to help you:
test tube baby cost delhi

Transparency and Authenticity are what DYNAMIC FERTILITY & IVF CENTRE gives the patient during the treatment. Before beginning any of the treatments, our financial counselor discusses in detail the complete breakdown of test tube baby cost with the patient, so that after the accomplishment of the treatment, the couple will not find any discrepancy in the cost. We have kept all the fertility treatment costs affordable and reasonable. 

We have assisted many couples in achieving their dreams of having a happy family. You can have the best treatment as per the conditions. We have different procedures and approaches in one place. It provides high comfort and satisfaction in the treatment. Our clinic’s highly developed and well-built infrastructure helps patients highly during their procedures. 

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