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Misconceptions related to surrogacy in India

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Misconceptions related to surrogacy in India

Surrogacy a very latest substitute acquires or to fill the blank space of life with the child which were vacant. The Ability of motherhood is the most desiring wish for all living creatures but as human being bear, emotional criteria and living in this tradition-based society with loads of Infertility is the bad time ever to tackle. According to the ancient philosophy, it has been found that the major motto of the biological creature on this earth is to reproduce the next generation by fertilization between male and female gametes. But at this moment due to advanced ideas and technologies now infertility is in the process to be eliminated.

But still, there are conservative people who do not let the infertile couple to be treated with surrogacy because still their mind is working with traditional norms and values. There are lots of points due to which conservative people refuse to accept surrogacy.

Some of the misconceptions related to surrogacy are:

  • People think that surrogates are not genetic mother of child whom she feed and take care.
  • Surrogate is not the wife of intended father.
  • Surrogates are not socially accepted individual.
  • Process is an illegal form.

Surrogates can’t claim that child belongs to them and surrogate can’t make emotional bonding with the baby because of social, legal limitations.

Surrogates are not responsible after delivering the baby.

Above observed misconceptions literally, retard the process of surrogacy which is influencing very good impact in the childless couples life. Surrogate mothers are included in surrogacy only after following certain norms and values by the clinic.

Dynamic fertility and IVF center- aids in elimination of misconception related to surrogacy

Dynamic fertility and IVF center is helping very fruitfully in the elimination f misconception related to surrogacy. Dynamic fertility and IVF center is working cooperatively for the entire community suffering from surrogacy. Even it comprises such a counselor who will let you know the actual values of surrogacy and help you to know the positive and negative impact of surrogacy in Society. Dynamic fertility and IVF center has created an eminent role in infertility sector because of well known and skilled team who gain years of experience. Dr. Nalini gupta is the senior expert of the clinic which will cordially proceed the treatment by following series of steps and let you gain successful surrogacy.

Dynamic fertility and IVF center main aim is to make people life cheerful with child and making people know the process related to surrogacy so, that people praise the medical science who is providing such an opportunity. Dynamic fertility and IVF Clinic Delhi offer very reasonable charges for surrogacy and entire process and they offer you chance to take proper ideas related to surrogacy. Till now the success rate of surrogacy achieved by dynamic fertility and IVF center is 60-70% and it is in the process to rise.



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