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When Is Male Infertility Not Treatable?

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November 18, 2017
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When Is Male Infertility Not Treatable?

Except the inability to conceive within a particular time, or unable to deliver a baby in most cases infertility sometimes has no symptoms. To evaluate male infertility the signs include: hormone deficiency which includes excessive gain in weight, decreasing muscle and decreased body and facial hair, this investigation sometimes includes questions about males medical history, high fever and childhood diseases. It also consists of physical examination such as infection, hernia and varicocele.  Your health care provider might ask for a semen sample in order to check the quantity and quality of your sperm. Treatment for male infertility depends on the case and the cause of the problem.

Even if the exact cause is not identifiable your health care provider might suggest you some treatment to start with your conception. In most cases of infertility female partner is also recommended to have a physical examination done so as to determine whether any specifications are also needed or not.

The following are the treatment options for male:

  • Surgery
  • Treating infections
  • Treatments of intercourse issues
  • Hormonal treatments and medications
  • ART

Major causes which leads to male infertility:

  • Hypothalamic or pituitary disorder
  • Gonad disorder
  • Sperm production disorder
  • Unidentified issues

Sperm abnormalities are caused by the following issues:

  • Inflammation of testicles
  • Swollen veins
  • Abnormally developed testicles

Reasons by which sperm count decreases:

  • Pre existing genetic disorder/ infection
  • Use of alcohol, drugs and caffeine
  • Infections after puberty
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Blockage caused due to infection

How male infertility is treated?

  • Medications which can help to increase sperm production
  • Antibiotics which helps in healing of infection
  • Hormones to improve hormonal imbalance
  • Avoid taking long hot baths, showers and hot tub baths.
  • Avoid wearing loose underwear.

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