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Low Sperm Count Treatment in India

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Low Sperm Count Treatment in India

Treatment of male infertility India:

What is infertility?

Infertility is the main obstacle that becomes a barrier between the couple and their parenthood. According to a report by the infertility statistics in India 2021, Out of every ten people, 4-5 are facing infertility issues and unable to become parents. The male or female both can face infertility issues. When a couple faces unexplained reasons for miscarriages or cannot conceive, they may be facing infertility. It does not need worry as various conditions can assist with treatments. Today, everyone needs a baby that can carry on the generation passing.

For infertile people, many other variables are also present that can avail them a baby but not a biological one and, that will affect anyone’s budget thoroughly as adoption. The types of Infertility treatments, rather than another variable, are the most cost-effective way to have a biological child. The male infertility rate in India is high due to improper lifestyle and many other reasons. Several best low sperm count treatment is available in India at affordable costs.

Male vs Female Infertility:

Any partner can face infertility issues that affect them mentally, physically, and economically. It snatches their rights of giving birth to their child and parenthood. Due to various reasons, males or females can face infertility.

Males having problems with a semen sample or sperm will cause infertility and, due to it, their wives will not become pregnant. If a woman uterus, ovaries, or egg productions are malfunctioning, she will be unable to conceive and, her spouse will be unable to become the father of a child.

The type of female infertility:

Ovulation disorder: In this condition, women have problems with the menstruation cycle as they do not have periods every month. With some hormonal, it can assist with IUI or IVF treatment can also help the problem.

  • Fallopian tube blockage or damage: For fertilization to be active, the woman must have healthy Fallopian tubes through which the sperm pass to the eggs. IVF can assist in the condition of a successful pregnancy.
  • Surrogacy or IVF will boost the chances of a successful conception if the female does not have a uterus or the lining of her uterus is abnormal.
  • Endometriosis is a growth that damages the uterine lining and causes infertility by forming a barrier between the embryo and the uterus. With IVF treatment and other approaches, it can assist.
  • Premature menopause: The woman of advanced age has fewer chances of becoming pregnant due to poor egg quality and count. It affects the eggs and decreases their conception chances. With IVF treatment, a woman can conceive.
  • Surgery or any previous treatment: The woman has any lower abdomen surgery or cancer treatment so, it has affected the quality of the eggs and count. In cancer treatment, radiation use affects and causes infertility.

What are the signs of low sperm count in men?  

  • Unexplained infertility: The couple cannot conceive even trying for a year without any protection during intercourse. The female partner is fertile so, the male partner might have an infertility problem.
  • Low sperm count: If the female partner is not getting pregnant with a healthy reproductive system. For successful conception, the standard count and quality of sperm require.
  • Poor sex drive: When the male partner has poor sex drives, that does affect the conception chances. It is the reason for male infertility.
  • If a man ejaculation is an issue, he will have less chance of having children. It can be a reason for any blockage that causes infertility.
  • Pain and swelling on the testicles: Any damage or previous surgery can cause infertility.

What are the male infertility symptoms?

*  Lifestyle disorders: Many people live without any order that causes problems with fertility. Excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, and tobacco are the reasons for infertility conditions as low sperm count, poor quality, etc. Due to it, the male infertility rate in India is high.

*   Klinefelter’s Syndrome is a genetic ailment that causes the chromosomal issue known as the XXY pattern in males.

*    Hormonal imbalance is highly responsible for sperm formation and production in the body. In many circumstances, males and females suffer infertility due to imbalance. 

*     The X and Y chromosomes are present in male children. If it does not have the same proportion, they have an influence owing to abnormalities.

*     The male has a blocked testis because of surgery or another cause. The no sperm or poor sperm are its results.

How to know you have a low sperm count?

Various tests can perform to know the infertility condition in the male partner. It will perform by your fertility expert through advanced technologies.

Your expert advice for a semen analysis test through which they can test your sperm count and quality. The man produces sperm and collects it to give to the expert. Its morphology and motility will also check in knowing the health and possibility of conception.

  • Blood tests: Through testing the blood sample of men, hormonal imbalance and fertility condition can check.  
  • The level of the following hormones will examine as FSH, LH, Progesterone, and estrogen. These are all the fertility hormones present in a person.   
  • Ultrasound can determine the internal state of a male reproductive system. With it, the testis size and normality can examine the infertility problem.
  • Genetic testing can aid Klinefelters Syndrome which, affects sperm count in both the sperm sample and the testis.

What are the treatments for male infertility in India?

Today, we have approximately treatments for every possible problem. Infertility in both males and females can treat through various advanced procedures. Male factor infertility can assist with a broad list of therapies with high success rates and advanced technologies.

After diagnosis with infertility in the male partner, your expert will try to find the reason and problem. The male infertility treatments in India are following:
1.   Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): It is a low sperm count treatment. If the male has poor sperm count that has few possibilities in conception so, the expert can suggest for IUI that performs with placing prepared and high-quality sperm into the female uterus. It will make the travelling of sperm to the eggs without any blockage or difficulty.
2.   In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): It is the best ART approach that assists various infertility conditions of males and females. IVF treatment can help male partners with poor sperm quality and count. In it, the sperm and eggs of the couple retrieve from them in the lab and fertilize outside. Other approaches with IVF can provide high chances of conception.
3.   Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): With fertility medicines, these treatments can balance the hormonal issues. The medications can produce the normal sound sperm at a time and, your expert can retrieve to inseminate with eggs. Your expert injects the single perfect sperm into each egg. Intracytoplasmic Morphological Selected Injection (IMSI) can be variable to treat poor sperm count in the male partner.
4.   Surgery: The male can produce a semen sample but, it does not have enough sperm to inseminate with eggs. It might have a blockage in the testicles that stops sperm from coming out. With some invasions, your expert can collect sperm from different parts of the reproductive tract.
5.   DONOR: The donated sperm is the male infertility treatment for no sperm count. A healthy male donor contributes his sperm for fertilization treatments with the female partner eggs.  

Where can have these treatments be in India?

The DYNAMIC FERTILITY and IVF CENTRE is a well-known infertility treatment centre. They have specialities in IVF and other infertility therapies.

 It includes a variety of doctors and professionals for various infertility issues. They offer all therapies at a reasonable price with a success rate. It also assists couples who cannot conceive with their sperm or eggs. It is the best centre for low sperm count treatment in men.

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