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Low AMH : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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September 21, 2017
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Low AMH : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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What is Low AMH?

Anti mullerian hormone or commonly known as AMH is a hormone which is basically given off by developing follicles which are the egg sacs that contains immature eggs. AMH is being measured by a blood test which roughly gives an idea of the state of ovarian reserve and number of eggs left in the ovaries. This test helps to determine how likely or urgently a treatment is required and how the women may respond to the treatment procedure. AMH likely decreases as the women’s age grow as the ovarian reserve is depleted and mostly women’s of late thirties and early forties have low AMH. There are certain scales on which AMH is being measured and AMH is considered satisfactory if they are above 21.98 pmol.

There is nothing to worry about even if your AMH are low, in such cases there are alternate medications which are opted. We here at “DYNAMIC FERTILITY AND IVF CENTER” there’s no cut off point for AMH results and we are proud to give every women a chance.

Causes of low AMH

AMH is determined by the number of developing follicles in your ovaries. The most important factor determining the AMH in body is considered to be age of the women. Mostly ovarian reserve starts declining in the mid 30s and tentatively is low in women’s in their 40s. the following are the factors responsible for low AMH in body:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Endometriosis
  • Age
  • Genetic factor
  • Environmental causes
  • Unknown diseases

Symptoms of low AMH

LOW AMH does not have any regular symptoms but irregularity in periods or stopping of periods is something that many women’s with low AMH cop up with.

Blood test is the best way to determine AMH.


There is no such specific medical treatment required for AMH but there are few natural remedies by which we can improve our AMH

  • Yoga
  • Regular exercises
  • Acupuncture
  • Fertility massage

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