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Lok Sabha adjourned after passing surrogacy bill

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Lok Sabha adjourned after passing surrogacy bill

On Friday, the Lok sabha adjourned at 2 pm with the passing of the Surrogacy Bill (Regulation) 2019. 

Through the bill, commercial surrogacy is banned and only altruistic is allowed. In an altruistic surrogacy, the couple does not provide any prize or money to the surrogate mother expecting only medical expenses and insurance coverage till childbirth. 

Before it, on 9 December, the Rajya Sabha passed the regulation bill for surrogacy and other ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) treatments. 

According to the bill, the National surrogacy and state surrogacy boards will establish. Also, nominate suitable authorities to monitor surrogacy practice and procedure. 

To qualify for surrogacy, Indian intended parents must have serious infertility concerns, be legally married for at least five years, the age of 23-50 years, and 26-55 years for female and male, and have passed the authorities boards.

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