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IVF: a way to complete your family with a baby

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IVF: a way to complete your family with a baby

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In vitro fertilization properly known as IVF among the people is the process of fertilization of egg which is combined with sperm outside a human body in vitro (in glass). This process involves removing an ovum or ova from the ovaries of a women and letting a sperm fertilize them in a liquid in lab. The fertilized egg then undergoes embryo culture for 2-6 days and then it is transferred to the women uterus, with the aim of establishing a successful pregnancy.

IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) usually used to treat infertility and gestational surrogacy, wherein a fertilized egg is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus and the resulting child is biologically not related to the surrogate.

Cost OF IVF In India 2021



Prior or in between the process of IVF your healthcare provider will monitor the ovaries and timing of egg release. The doctor makes sure that the ovaries are producing sufficient egg also your hormone levels are normal among the procedure being followed.

In most cases women start taking fertility medicines or hormones that stimulates the ovaries to produce sufficient eggs. Making one or more eggs available for IVF increases the chances of getting pregnant.

  • Retrieval of egg

During this process in IVF certain pain relief medication is being to reduce any kind of pain or discomfort. Then a thin needle is passed through the upper vaginal wall, with the help of vaginal ultrasound, fluid is removed from the follicles under gentle suction.

  • fertilization

After retrieval of egg the next step is fertilization of egg. A sperm is secured in lab, it either may be out of your partner or from a donor, and the most active sperm is combined with the egg in a unique chamber. Sometimes the sperm is directly injected into the egg. Then both the sperm and the egg are placed in the incubator and are monitored to makes sure that healthy embryo are developing.


Embryo transfer:

Embryo transfer is the final step in the process of IVF. Firstly, embryos are being examined and the healthiest are being selected to transfer. These are transferred through a small plastic tube which is placed through the cervix into uterine cavity. After the completion of process often bed rest is advised to patients for over 24 hrs.

A way to complete family:

Family is a word which means togetherness, love for each other, and affection for each member. It is said that that without kids a family is incomplete, the presence of kid makes a family complete. It’s the first place where you learn to care, share, and nurtured, and it’s not wrong to say that our behavior, character, attitude represents our family.

A family is a place that relates you, a couple who are trying to conceive a baby but are not able to conceive for them IVF is said to be the best step which can help them to get a complete their world. In today’s technical era we are ignoring our wants, our busy schedule, working environment, stress, unhealthy lifestyles etc..There are many ways by which our body gets affected and we are not able to pay proper attention as a result it reflects in our body after some time.

In today’s time IVF is getting very popular and helpful way for completing family who are not able to have a baby.

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