IVF Cost at AIIMS Delhi & Dynamic Fertility: A Comparison

IVF Treatment & Cost Comparison Between Dynamic Fertility & AIIMS Hospital in Delhi

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IVF Treatment & Cost Comparison Between Dynamic Fertility & AIIMS Hospital in Delhi

IVF Cost at AIIMS Delhi

Amongst different fertility clinics and hospitals situated all over the India, each clinic offers poles apart services, costing, and other facilities. Now the dilemma occurs for those couples who are seeking appropriate fertility treatment for themselves and quite confound what to choose and where to go to unravel the problem of sterility. Sterility or infertility is that hot potato issue which has affected many couples in India, approx 27 million couples are suffering from this blot of infertility.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment is the advance fertility treatment, comes in assisted reproductive technology (ART), where eggs and sperms are collected from the couple and then by combining them naturally fertilization is achieved. If we’ll have bird’s eye of view into each fertility clinics and hospitals that are top-notch levels in India, some of the names comes in our mind, out of which Dynamic fertility or may be AIIMS stands to be first. If we compare between the charges of IVF treatment in both of the places, result will be the cost of AIIMS is rather low than Dynamic, but it’s just money matter or something else. There are many other things as well, like facilities, accommodation, how fast treatment takes to complete, and last but not least deep-dyed satisfaction of the patient.

Cost of IVF treatment in AIIMS is INR 60,000 – 70,000, on the other hand, cost of IVF in Dynamic fertility is INR 1,00000 to 2,00000(depends on patient medical conditions), let you aware about each minute details about these two fertility treatment. Charge of Dynamic fertility to untwist sterility is undeniably higher than the charge of AIIMS, but facilities that are offered by Dynamic fertility clinic is matchless and beyond compare with any other fertility clinics. This fertility clinic provides the patients pick up and drop up facility to the one who is coming outside from India and those who are residing in India, have any problem reaching clinic. This ease and comfort AIIMS doesn’t provide.

Another fact, which readers might not know or may be aware about the queue and crowd of AIIMS, Seriously, hats off to the crowd and cluster of the patients. Due to the reason of huge rush of patients Doctors do not pay proper attention to them, in a scurry way they attend the patient and hit upon the main problem, neither they listen in calmness nor punch the clock in an appropriate manner. In Dynamic Fertility the scene is opposite, Dr. Nalini Gupta who has an experience of more than 26 year to get to the bottom of infertility topic and unscramble it in a proper course of action. Experts and the entire team of Dynamic Fertility are much more capable than anyone could have. The consultation that they provide is just up to the mark and out-of-the-sight. In this clinic, Doctors pay proper attention to the patient and lavish upon the best advice and treatment.

If male or female partner can’t hack the grade of becoming parents, then by that time IVF treatment is considered, but if male or female is unable to produce healthy sperms or eggs respectively, then Egg donor or Sperm donor is chosen. In AIIMS, Egg donor and Sperm donor facility is not there, but in Dynamic fertility Egg donor or sperms donor are given by them only in the procedure of IVF. They do have well –coordination with the patients because 24*7 consultation and calling convenience is there. Online consultation is also in Dynamic fertility. AIIMS is a purely government hospital where many of the procedure are there before going through any treatment- long queue, pathetic rush, improper care, inadequate attention etc, but in Dynamic fertility there are not such type of worries and stumbling block you will experience ever. So, if you are making ground plan to do IVF treatment then don’t compare cost of it, you need to meet with the heart of the matter of each & every points. Make choice carefully and have your little toddler in a fine feather by the technique of IVF from Dynamic fertility.

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