IVF Success Story In Gurgaon by Vaidehi Tiwari - Dynamic Fertility

IVF Success Story In Gurgaon by Vaidehi Tiwari

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January 1, 2021
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January 1, 2021
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IVF Success Story In Gurgaon by Vaidehi Tiwari

IVF Success Story in Gurgaon By Vaidehi Tiwari

IVF Success Story in Gurgaon By Vaidehi Tiwari

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Vaidehi Tiwari Ivf Success Story In Gurgaon –

A warm welcome to all the readers – This is Vaidehi Tiwari and it’s my story of how I pulled off my motherhood; I mean how WE had conceived our first baby. Though the beginning was really struggling, nevertheless Magical at the end. Okay, so I’m curious to tell you that how I met a supernatural being during the journey of mine parenthood. I don’t want to disclose her name right away as I really wanted you guys will read the entire page 😉

Since this page is all about the IVF Success Story in Gurgaon, so you have got the idea of what I’m going to say – Yes – It’s my fight against the battle of The Infertility. Fertility issue in me was at pinnacle – I mean that was advanced; now also it would be of course– however, I got my baby, hence no fear!

I am a blogger, and I like reading informative things from Google, books, and magazine. After crossing two years of my marriage, we started planning to welcome a new family member; and during that phase, I have gathered nuts and bolts of pregnancy like what is the suitable age of being pregnant, which date would be fruitful for maximizing the pregnancy and tons of things! I have written few blogs and articles too on the same but the major thing what I wanted to tell you that I, myself have been found as infertile.  

After successfully completing six months (and doing the intercourse during the ovulation phase/ fertile-window), nothing positive came. I even didn’t know at the initial days that so many visits at the clinic I had to knock. But Yes, I must tell you like if you are seeking for the fertility treatment, don’t be panic – just follow the natural methods to have a baby (initially), but if you become conscious that even after trying hard for a baby, no result is coming then without much wait, have to fix an appointment.

Anyways, when six months crossed we started to become anxious about the pregnancy; I have started to seek the best fertility clinic in Gurgaon to figure out what exactly happened to either of us. And we both had undergone the complete fertility assessment test from Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre. Yes, we finally picked this clinic; I won’t say that I found this centre impeccable rather I will say I found the specialist so good. She was so humble towards my case and cleared my each and every question without bending the brow, and that’s what I found so good about this centre. Along with the senior IVF expert, the entire fertility team is so friendly, that I barely experienced any issue contacting them.

What I found most amazing about this clinic is their courteous behavior, cooperative coordinators, and nurses being so nice during my IVF. I found Dynamic being one of the top five fertility clinics in Gurgaon – and being a blogger, I have researched minute to major information about this clinic. To be straightforward here, I have shortlisted four fertility clinics, and visiting three clinics, I decided Dynamic fertility clinic for the treatment. I have dropped the plan to go remaining two fertility clinics, as I got totally satisfied with the Dynamic one. I won’t say you to choose this centre for the treatment, but I must say you should pay a visit at least when you have been diagnosed with infertility. And then rest I’m sure you are gonna pick that only!

When they have seen my case, they have kept two options – IVF (IVF being the prior option due to ovulation issue), and elaborated each and every thing about this treatment and its success rate. My husband and I decided let’s undergo with this one!  However, when I got to know by the expert that fertility treatments don’t give surety about the pregnancy – I was like so tensed and worried! At that point, my doctor has made me calm and uplifted me to see the positive side of the treatment. She is just magical – I have to say this that I fell in love with Mam’s soothing nature and the way she performed my case.

About IVF, I’m just giving you the brief – it takes four steps –fertility medication being the very first and important one; second is analysis of the follicles containing eggs, third is egg-pick up followed with the fertilization, and last is the fertilization step. And yes, I got lucky that my result came positive after the first cycle of the IVF – YOHOOOO! I wish all the readers to have their baby (if they are undergoing IVF) to get positive outcome after their first IVF cycle. When I got to know that the pregnancy test is positive, tears of joy came from my eyes – I hugged the doctor instantly and expressed the gratitude to each staff who has been involved in my case so diligently. Here, writing for them in this page, is my good luck! Thankeww so much again for giving me the most awaited and biggest gift of our life!

Okay, so not getting that deep, I just want to close my IVF Success Story in Gurgaon that has been performed by the team of Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre I received outstanding IVF treatment by them and have given birth to a baby GIRL – my PRINCESS.

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