IVF success rates by age and number of embryos

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IVF success rates by age and number of embryos


Distribution table for determining the factors related to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) or the treatments for better results in IVF (India)

IVF with ICSI71.9376.3077.9874.28
Embryo stage at transfer
Cleavage (day 3)55.2648.1766.4279.64
Blastocyst (day 5)86.5957.3366.7813.60
Number of embryos transferred
6 or more0.230.150.985.49
Extra embryos available and cryopreserved
Prognosis group
Less favorable3.9818.9427.6437.55
Patient and treatment factorsUp to 30 years of age30-35 years of age35-40 years of ageAbove 40 years of age
Patient Diagnosis
Tubal factors8.6619.5617.234.89
Ovulation disorders22.147.645.923.48
Diminished ovarian reserve8.4119.5763.4897.64
Uterine factors1.
Male factor48.2439.7816.472.67
Other causes7.66.488.799.60
Unexplained cause14.6915.7819.3417.89
Number of previous ART Procedures
1 or more39.4847.2466.4887.64
Number of previous births
1 or more39.8749.6155.9776.34
Method of embryo fertilization and transfer
IVF without using any kind of technique29.5827.8922.5921.67


Age Factors for IVF treatments (In Vitro Fertilization) for the female under or above the reproductive age

For having the most recent data that stimulates the live birth rate. 

Age of the femaleSuccess results for live birth rate
Under 32 years of age group80% or above
For female within age group of 32 years to 37 years70% – 75%
For female within age group of 37 years to 45 years58% – 66%
For female above 45 years of age50% – 60%


For the term, singletons live birth and normal birth rate for IVF cycle.

Age of the femaleSuccess results for normal birth rate
Under 32 years of age group63%
Within age group of 32 years to 37 years37%
Within age group of 37 years to 45 years24%
Within age group of 45 years or above19%


For having the chances of getting pregnant per ART cycle.

Age of the female Success results for ART Cycle
Under 32 years of age group68%
Within age group of 32 years to 37 years22%
Within age group of 37 years to 45 years34%
Within age group of 45 years or above8%


For having the better chances of Success Results in case of Embryo transfer.

Age of the femaleSuccess results for Embryo transfer
Under 32 years of age group60%
Within age group of 32 years to 37 years48%
Within age group of 37 years to 45 years34%
Within age group of 45 years or aboveOnly 16%


Some common factors used for the infertility diagnosis for getting the best and successful results.

  • Both male and female multiple factors.
  • Only female multiple factors.
  • Some possessions for uterine factors.
  • Some kinds of tubal factors.
  • Dysfunctioning factors for ovulations.
  • Diminished factors for Ovarian Reserves.
  • Only multiple male factors.
  • Other kinds of factors.
  • Some factors which are unknown.

IVF Success is how much moderate and flexible getting the essential crux in the concerned matter

  • Age

Age played a vital, crucial and important role in the success of the treatment of infertility called as IVF which must be determined through the success rates called as the success progressions that must be within the reproductive age group and must be promoted and uploaded within that group that increases the chances of the success results that can be happened with best success ratios and resultant factors that must be placed within this time boundaries and cognitive ratios should be procured under the limitations that age should be an important factor for the success rates so obtained as there is the distinct relationship between the treatment for infertility and also the age factors that are being programmed in the wide sense that all the factors must be within an important scenario for the treatments of both under and above reproductive age women that can be assured with the kinds of factorial promotional activities for the infertility treatments for the female and male both have to be the typical diagnosis reactant in the matter related to the success rates of IVF treatment.

Other factors should be the fertility issues, number of embryos and multiple birth rates.

  • Fertility issues

Fertility issues can be the low sperm count, ovulation factors, endometriosis and blockage found in fallopian tubes.

Abnormalities found in uterine, fibroids or other tumors found in uterus, not proper functioning of ovary, long term infertility issues to be faced by the couples and also if both the members in the couple are struggling with the issues related to infertility.

  • Number of embryos both for frozen and fresh embryos

After completing the IVF process some couples wants to freeze some of their embryos for future use that means if there are multiple embryos to be find out after the process to be completed so that the process may have the option to freeze some embryos and transfer the rest embryos as according to the couples wish, as that some of the embryos should be not of the fine quality while some are of the fine quality which is used for freezing process other died and un qualified embryos should be removed as these are neither be transferred nor be stored for future use as well.

Success rates with fresh embryos.

Age of the femaleSuccess rate with fresh embryos
Under 32 years68%
Between 32 years but up to 37 years56%
Between 37 years but up to 45 years49%
Above 45 years33%


Success rates with frozen embryos.

Age of the femaleSuccess rate with frozen embryos
Under 32 years45%
Between 32 years but up to 37 years37%
Between 37 years but up to 45 years19%
Above 45 years4%


  • Multiple birth rates

This is the common cause during successful IVF cycle for multiple birth rates but if the couple talks about the transferring of the embryos that time the doctor should transfer more than two embryos at one time to increase the chances at 50% to 60% for success ratios achievement otherwise the doctor should consult the same with the couple that how many transfers will be there for the birth to be considered in multiple births.


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