IVF Process Cost in India: How Much Does Its Process & Cost?

How Much Does IVF Cost in India and Its Process?

IVF India
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June 3, 2022
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How Much Does IVF Cost in India and Its Process?

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The IVF cost in India is significantly lower in comparison to wealthy countries. The United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and other Western developed countries have expensive IVF Process Cost in India. In these countries, many couples cannot afford the expensive IVF operations. They prefer to receive treatment in growing and developing countries. India is a highly desirable location for IVF at an affordable cost.

The IVF process cost in India ranges from INR 1,75,000 to INR 2,20,000 (Approximately USD 2500). Its price in the USA is much higher and starts at USD 12,000 (approximately INR 9,00,000). IVF India, with several approaches and procedures, still has a lower cost than in the USA. The IVF process in India performs with advanced technologies and the latest methodology. The best centre has financial assistance and packages for a reasonable cost in India.

What is IVF in India? 

ivf India 
ivf process cost in India

IVF treatment is the most effective way to become a parent or conceive a healthy child. It aids in the treatment of various infertility issues that impair the couple’s chances of having a happy life. Infertility is the most common cause of trouble in their life and happiness for many couples. Any spouse who has difficulty reproducing may be unable to become a parent. Assisted Reproductive Production has several procedures and approaches for the artificial reproduction of partners. The IVF process performs by an expert that collects the eggs and sperm of partners outside the reproductive function. It fertilizes together on a dish under expert observation. Different approaches and procedures can perform with IVF for several problems. IVF cost in India is much more affordable and into the partners’ budget. 

India is the country known worldwide for the best IVF treatment. People from different places select India for its affordable treatment costs. IVF cost in India is much lower than in many developed countries like the USA, UK, and others. The DYNAMIC FERTILITY AND IVF CENTRE is the best place in India for IVF treatment. You can select the centre with the best success rates and procedures. 

Our most qualified and knowledgeable doctors perform fertility treatments. They use cutting-edge technology and innovative treatment methods.

IVF is the best process for various infertility problems in a couple. Your fertility expert will recommend the best and top-notch procedure according to your conditions.

  • Unexplained infertility: In some cases, partners cannot conceive a child despite a diagnosis of infertility. Several tests have been performed but do not determine any problems with unexplained infertility conditions of partners. It affects their chances of becoming parents successfully.
  • The male partner has infertility issues related to semen health, causing issues in the successful pregnancy. It does not fertilize with female eggs during reproduction, and IVF has a chance because the sperm prepares before insemination.
  • Female uterus: The woman has uterine health issues such as benign growth, polyps, or fibroids that cause problems in the fertilized egg implantation. It requires assistance to achieve a successful pregnancy, and IVF can help.
  • Eggs health: IVF performs with healthy eggs and sperm of partners, and any problem with a gamete causes failure in pregnancy and reproduction. The woman’s eggs have problems like poor quality or count, which is the couple’s infertility condition.
  • Multiple miscarriages: You have several pregnancy failures during the IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) or conventional conception method. Your expert will suggest the best process as IVF to achieve a successful pregnancy.
  • The fallopian tubes with blockage or damage cause pregnancy failure as the gametes cannot travel. The IVF process does not require healthy fallopian.

How does the IVF process in India work?

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ivf India

The best IVF process India performs is top-notch with highly up-to-date technologies and the latest methods. It accomplishes by fertility experts by collecting the healthy gametes of partners outside of their reproductive function and fertilizes them in the lab. They gather the eggs and sperm with advanced guidance and equipment. IVF treatment in India performs by highly experienced doctors and fertility specialists. It involves the following stages to provide the pregnancy results of partners:-

  1. Checkups: The professionals will examine the couple’s health and their infertility issues. Ultrasound, blood testing, and other medical and physical tests will identify. Your fertility expert will run the tests and assess your chances of becoming a parent throughout the process.
  2. As part of your IVF treatment, you will meet with one of the centre’s best counsellors. They will take care of your mental health and stress levels. It will prepare you for the procedure and assist you in conceiving a healthy baby.
  3. Increased egg production: Fertility drugs enhance egg production through the ovaries. It will prescribe for the female partner by your fertility expert. The ovary’s function will improve, allowing them to generate many (10 to 12) eggs with maturity. With a hormonal injection, it will release from the ovaries into the uterus.
  4. Egg collection: A professional will retrieve the eggs from the female uterus. They will use a speculum to open the female vagina and place a catheter into the uterus via the vagina and cervix. The transvaginal ultrasound will aid in locating the eggs and assisting the expert. A small needle will be inserted into the uterus to aspirate the follicles with eggs to collect.
  5. Fertilization:- The male partner’s sperm sample will be prepared for the procedure by your specialist. It will place in a Petri dish with healthy eggs. After a thorough inspection, the doctor will mix the eggs and sperm on the dish. They will keep an eye on the eggs and sperm as they inseminate and divide into cells in a few days. The ICSI method can aid in gamete fertilization and improve outcomes.
  6. Transfer: The specialist will keep an eye on the fertilization of the eggs and sperm. For the next five to six days, they will monitor the development and growth of the fertilized eggs. Your specialist will choose a few (one or two) fertilized eggs to implant into the female uterus to achieve pregnancy. The catheter will be inserted into the uterine lining using transvaginal ultrasonography. A blood test will be performed 10 to 12 days following the fertilized egg transfer.

What is the cost of IVF in India?

IVF india
ivf delhi
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The IVF cost in India is much more affordable than in developed countries. Different approaches and procedures can work with IVF treatment in India. Your treatment cost in India will depend on the process according to infertility conditions. Your cost of IVF in India will differ from one place or city to another. It affects the total budget as the best city can have higher charges or an affordable one.

CityIVF cost (INR)
DelhiINR 1,50,000 to INR 2,20,000
BangaloreINR 1,60,000 to INR 2,20,000
ChennaiINR 1,70,000 to INR 2,20,000
HyderabadINR 1,75,000 to INR 2,30,000
PuneINR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000
KolkataINR 1,55,000 to INR 2,20,000
MumbaiINR 1,70,000 to INR 2,35,000

 IVF price in India is approximately INR 1,75,000 to INR 2,20,000. It includes several steps of the IVF process with top-notch technologies and assistance.

  • The couple’s initial consultation
  • Oral Medication
  • Fertility medications or hormonal injections
  • IVF cycle with all the steps beginning from a woman monitoring until the embryo transfer –
  • Physical Assessment
  • Follicular Monitoring
  • Ultrasounds (including vaginal ultrasounds)
  • Blood work
  • Charges for IVF Lab
  • Egg Retrieval Step
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer

Other approaches and procedures increase the cost. Your infertility condition requires different processes for successful pregnancy results. Your expert will recommend the process with the top techniques and methods that follow:

  • IVF with donor eggs: The eggs collected from the healthy woman (donor) in the couple IVF process. It performs for the best results of the procedure as it uses healthy eggs with a high count. Your fertility expert will recommend the approach if there is no healthy egg present by the female partner. IVF with donor eggs in India ranges from INR 2,75,000 to INR 3,00,000.
  • ICSI:- The Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection performs for the successful fertilization of partners’ eggs and sperm. It accomplishes by preparing the male partner’s semen sample and filling it with healthy sperm. It injects into the centre of the healthy eggs directly by the expert for the eggs and sperm insemination. The price of ICSI with IVF in India is INR 1,85,000 to INR 2,20,000.
  • Donor sperm:- In severe male infertility conditions such as poor sperm health and count, the expert recommends donor sperm for a successful outcome. It performs as the female partner’s eggs inseminate with the donor sperm and provide the top results. IVF with donor sperm costs between INR 2,20,000 and INR 2,35,000.
Where can you have the best IVF process in India?
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DYNAMIC FERTILITY AND IVF CENTRE is a popular alternative for low-cost IVF treatment in India. We have cutting-edge technology and guidance to help people get better treatment results. Our goal is to bring happiness to every couple and family by providing a healthy, biological child. We have highly experienced doctors and fertility experts with a combined experience of more than 30 years in providing infertility treatments.

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