IVF Cost India

IVF Cost in India is pretty much sensible when compared with IVF cost in other countries. Few nations’ laws are also strict enough against the IVF Treatment, whereas, in some of the areas, there is a significant degree of openness for IVF treatment with less cost concerning aggregate expenses.

Treatment Costs correct at 1st June 2020Cycle payment in INR
IVF Per cycleRs. 1,20,000
ICSI Per cycleRs. 1,40,000
Frozen embryo transfer (FET)Rs. 70,000
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)Rs. 60,000
Ovulation Induction (OI)Rs. 20,000

In India, Couple from various countries visits so as to get the IVF treatment at lower costs.

Infertile parents always dream of being the parent and IVF treatment offered by Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre is the way to become parents. India has now turned over into the favourite destination for IVF treatment. Treatment of IVF from Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre is a choice of fruitfulness and along these lines opened new boulevards for regenerative therapeutic tourism known as ripeness focuses. Expanding numbers of individuals from different nations are choosing India to undergo their IVF treatment for favourable and Low-Cost IVF treatment in India.

Couples who need to have a child, Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre is the best option to be clicked in their mind to resolve their issue with infertility. With the advancement of medical sciences, the fertility experts here offer the treatment with the latest technology types of equipment. Experts of here provide effective and productive treatment to the patients with a comfortable stay. All the patients who have all been treated in the past are much satisfied by the management and serious about their recuperation, and program furnishes patients with best low-cost treatment for IVF.


Cost of IVF Treatment in India

Cost of all the treatments provided in India varies widely across the location in which it is provided. Minimum amount charged for an IVF treatment ranges between US$ 3600 – US$ 4000 on an average. In this package of IVF, the procedure is accomplished using the couple’s medical component (self egg and partner’s sperm). IVF treatment may extend up to US$ 6000 or so (depending on the infertility case of the couple).

Many of the couples who do not have enough knowledge or due to lack of analysis of the medication and the hospitals, they spend US$ 5000 or even more for their conventional IVF treatment. This high may also be due to the reason that they are made to undergo some additional treatments or tests. However, a couple required to cross-check each thing and the charge break-up before the final decision. Cost of the IVF varies across the countries, states and cities, therefore, many international patients travel to India to have their IVF treatment due to reason that same treatment (without any changes) is provided at a nominal amount in India and also have multiple plan or packages to choose from. IVF treatment at Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre costs within US$ 3600 – US$ 4000 whereas it may differ depending upon the additional medical treatment required.

IVF Cost in India Using Advance Assisted techniques (ART)

IVF treatment Cost in India with Donor Sperm
Sometimes, the couple faces severe infertility issues where either male or female struggles attaining successful IVF fertilization. For instance, if IVF fertilization could not be accomplished with the sperm provided by the male, then most probably sperm donor is used. During this case, the cost of IVF in India will be additional; the charge of IVF treatment with donor sperm is US$ 4200- US$ 4500. Males with the low fertility level require donor for the completion of the IVF cycle. Cost of sperm donor ranges between US$ 450 – US$ 500 apart from the IVF package.Charge of IVF Treatment with donor sperm Donor Sperm cost US$ 500 IVF with donor sperm US$ 4200- US$ 4500
IVF Treatment cost with Donor Eggs
For the positive outcome of IVF, eggs and sperms must be healthy enough for the fertilization. As like donor sperm, egg donor works for the same, i.e., for accomplishing IVF cycle. During the procedure of IVF with donor egg, a fertile woman (or say an egg donor) provides her eggs for the step of IVF fertilization step of the concerned couple. The eggs, which have been given by the donor, get mingled with the sperm (provided by the intended male), and thus fertilization occurs. Cost of donor eggs lies between US$ 2000 – US$ 2200 (approx), which is quite expensive than that of donor sperms (because of the procedure of egg retrieval and fertility medication of the donor). If we adjoin IVF treatment with donor egg, then the sum amount of IVF will be US$ 5600 – 6000 (approx.).Charge of IVF Treatment with donor Egg Donor Egg cost US$ 2000 – US$ 2200 IVF with Donor Egg US$ 5600- US$ 6000
Cost of Frozen Embryo Transfer
Some couple prefers to get their embryos frozen so that they can be used in future on requirement basis. Frozen embryos can then be transferred into the uterus in later stages as per the convenience of the couple. The frozen embryo is one of the acceptable fertility options for those couples as well, who are unable to provide both – eggs and sperms in exceptional quality for their IVF fertilization.Cost of Frozen Donor Embryo ranges between US$ 4000 to US$ 5000. One has to pay additional charges for preserving the embryos annually. The minimum duration of freezing the embryo is six months (it can go up 8- 10 years as well as per the requirement of the couple). Each clinic has its own cost package.The cost mentioned above is of the Indian males and Indian females embryos. If the couple wants to accomplish their IVF using African Embryos or Caucasian Embryos, then the price will be revealed as per the request by the couple.Charge of FET in India The Cost of Frozen Embryo Transfer US$ 4000 – US$ 5000
Cost of TESA with IVF Treatment
TESA is a sperm aspiration and extraction procedure which is suggested for men who have undergone vasectomy but wish to have children. This is 30 min procedure performed under local anaesthesia where the thin needle is used to extract the sperms directly from the testicle. Cost of TESA ranges between USD 700 – USD 750. If combining with TESA with IVF-ICSI technique, then the charge of the entire procedure becomes USD 4300 approximate.Charge of IVF-ICSI with TESA techniqueCost of TESA (a form of Surgical Sperm Retrieval) US$ 700 – US$ 750 IVF-ICSI with TESA US$ 4300Apart from TESA, there are some other SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) techniques, which also carried out when the male faces azoospermic fertility condition (no sperm in the semen ejaculation). Treatment options such as MESA, Micro-TESA with IVF-ICSI also included in Surgical Sperm Aspiration.IVF-ICSI with Surgical Sperm Retrieval Methods1. TESA Cost US$ 700 2. MESA Cost US$ 500 – US$ 700 3. Micro-TESA cost US$ 2000 to US$ 2500 4. IVF-ICSI with MESA US$ 4100 to US$ 4300 5. IVF-ICSI with Micro-TESA US$ 5600 to US$ 6000
Cost of IVF with ICSI
ICSI is used for couples facing male fertility issues like low sperm count or poor sperm quality. In this procedure, single sperm is injected directly into the egg, and it increases the chance of successful fertilization. More advanced forms of ICSI is also there like IMSI, PICSI. Some centers charge the additional cost of ICSI, but here, at Dynamic Fertility, the couple receives ICSI included in the kit of IVF treatment. The couple might require paying an extra price for IMSI or PICSI (if the specialist has recommended the couple to go for such methodologies).Cost of ICSI treatment with IVF ranges from US$ 3600 to US$ 4000.

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As the cost of the treatment varies from one location to other, choice of the clinic for the treatment should not be made only based on the price alone. Concern couples need to check the review of the fertility clinics and take feedback for the patients who already have undergone treatment form that clinic in the past.

While the IVF treatment seems expensive, they are relatively reasonable considering the sophisticated, latest medical technology used and the world-class fertility veterans.

It is preferred to have the IVF treatment from Dynamic Fertility and IVF centre as it offers treatment by highly skilled experts of the field and that too at reasonable prices. Also, the reviews of the patients who have undergone the fertility treatments from here are excellent. Therefore, Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre become the choice of the patient with the problem infertility to have the procedure from here.


Complete Break-down Cost of IVF by Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre

Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre not only provides the best IVF treatment to the couples, but it also offers IVF cost India in much affordable way compared to other clinics. Let’ jump into some of the significant parts of IVF cost structure –

The couple avails all the services and procedure mentioned below in their IVF Cost in India

  • Couple’s initial consultation
  • Oral Medication

Fertility medication or hormonal injections

  • IVF Cycle, where all the steps are included beginning from a woman’s monitoring until the embryo transfer –
  • Physical Assessment
  • Follicular Monitoring
  • Ultrasounds (include vaginal ultrasounds)
  • Blood work
  • IVF Lab Charges
  • Egg Retrieval step
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer

All in all, Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre provides all the facilities, personalised care and proper medication during the IVF treatment at just the cost of US$ 3600 to US$ 4000 with all the medicine and steps included.

If a couple wants to go for Post embryo transfer procedure, then there would be additional charges. The choice is on the patient or couple if they wish to opt for Post Et or not.

Frequently Asked Questions about IVF Cost/Pricing Dteails of India

Is IVF a refund guarantee package?
Yes, some of the best clinics provide IVF as a refund guarantee package. IVF refund guarantee package is the program that makes ensures even if the woman does not get pregnant by IVF, then a pre-decided amount of the sum amount is returned to the patient or customer.
Why IVF cost becomes expensive for another cycle?
IVF never comes with 100% result for the first cycle (only if the couple lays out healthiest sperms and eggs for fertilization). Women, who are above 35 yr, usually undergo with two to three IVF cycle to get conceived. IVF is all focused on medication and hormonal injections, and this charge extra in the second IVF cycle.
What is Advance IVF cost in India?
IVF is the universal remedy to treat infertility issues. Based on a couple’s infertility case, IVF sometimes is combined with other ART techniques, and this influences the Cost of IVF India. IVF cost in India using any of the advanced technology is a bit expensive than the standard IVF cost in India.
What The On an Avergae Cost of IVF Treatment Package?
Average Cost of IVF in India are between US$ 3500 to US$ 4000 with Complete Medication.

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