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How Much Does IUI Cost In Gurgaon 2021?

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How Much Does IUI Cost In Gurgaon 2021?

IUI Treatment Cost in India

IUI Treatment Cost in India

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How Much Does IUI Cost In Gurgaon

Fertility treatments commonly refer to those procedures that initiate the fertilization procedure helping the infertile couples to achieve their babies. The actual requirement of the infertility treatment is on the rise because of the increasing ratio of the infertile men and women. The infertility problem occurs due to many of the causes – unhealthy lifestyle, stress level, hormonal issues, and so on. It is always mandatory to choose the appropriate fertility treatment in order to ensure a positive outcome by the selective method. 

One of the most common and preferred infertility treatments we are now going to talk about is IUI. IUI is the acronym of Intra Uterine Insemination; this procedure is one of the fundamental procedures to stamp-out the infertility problem in men and women. IUI in Gurgaon treatment is usually recommended when the couple is facing with minor fertility issue.

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Now the question comes to pass – Does IUI Cost in Gurgaon within your means or just one of the high cost procedure that might burn a hole into the couple’s pocket! There are numerous measures that should be taken in the count by each couple whoever planning or been recommended to go for the infertility treatment, like the type of infertility you have (this could be figure out once the couple undergoes the fertility assessment test), age of the couple, procedure of the treatment that has been arranged by the fertility doctor and most important the exact cost of the treatment.

Without a single doubt, the treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, IVF with donor procedures, and so – is expensive. Why so? This is because IVF consists of multiple steps that also include minor surgical procedure (egg-retrieval), and then transferring back the embryo into the woman’s uterus; on the other hand, IUI in Gurgaon is totally in the pocket-book of those couples who are seeking the fundamental treatment to conceive.

IUI treatment is a straightforward treatment that facilitates the fertilization by placing the washed partner’s sperm into the uterus while the woman is ovulating. Placing the sperm inside the uterus is done with the help of a catheter.

IUI Cost In Gurgaon
IUI Cost In Gurgaon

IUI Cost in Gurgaon at the best fertility clinics in Gurgaon is very reasonable and authentic. The treatment cost of an IUI is not that high comparing with other treatments (like IVF); however a couple is required to ask at the clinic regarding the breakdown of the IUI – whether the ovulation induction, tracking of the ovulation, ultrasound scans, consultation at each visit (if necessary) is included or not in the package of the IUI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon.

Let’s learn some more information about the treatment procedure and the cost of the IUI method at the best fertility clinics in Gurgaon.

When IUI in Gurgaon is recommended?

IUI is the procedure where the partner is supposed to give his semen sample at the fertility clinic. Once the sample is collected, the next process is washing and cleansing of the sperm in order to eliminate the unwanted particles, substances, non motile and toxic sperms from which the fertility expert gets the healthy and motile sperms that have higher possibility of fertilizing the egg when it is placed. The unadulterated and separated sperm is then transferred into the uterus of the woman when she is or about to ovulate. Transferring of the sperm takes place by the use of the catheter. IUI treatment is not at all a troublesome procedure and is simple as compared to the advanced treatments such as IVF and others.

IUI in Gurgaon is beneficial to the couple if –

  • The male partner is facing with premature ejaculation
  • The male is unable to impregnate his partner due to painful intercourse
  • They are unable to have sexual intercourse due to some injuries, physical disabilities
  • The male partner has low sperm count
  • Low motility of the sperm
  • The female has mild level of endometriosis
  • If the female is having cervical mucus issues
IUI Cost In Gurgaon
IUI Cost In Gurgaon

How Much Does the IUI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon?

Don’t worry of the IUI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon as it is under the pocket-book of the couple whoever planning for this treatment to have their own baby. As mentioned above, the cost of IUI is comparatively less than the cost of other treatments such as IVF, ICSI and so. Hence many couples analyzing after being infertile, choose the IUI treatment as their first option to get pregnant.

The IUI Cost in Gurgaon is INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 – including all the steps and medications. There are some fertility clinics, where the couple might will get low cost quote, but make sure they are providing IUI with or excluding the medications, ultrasounds and consultation charges. At the best IUI clinics in Gurgaon, the charge comprises of each steps and medication including all the ultrasounds.

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    IUI is the famous treatment for those couples who have any of the on top of fertility issues and are in the age group of thirty or under the age of thirty-two. Age always carry a major role in deciding the success rate of IUI or any other treatment, and thus the success rate of an IUI in Gurgaon depends on the actual quality of the eggs, sperm quality, and the age of the couple.

    If you get success in the first cycle of an IUI treatment, then you can say yourself a lucky couple who have triumph the battle of infertility and made the first cycle happened. There are many couples who got success in their first cycle, while there are those couples too, who undergo the same procedure two to three times. The IUI Cost in Gurgaon also gets influence when you will choose multiple cycles of IUI.

    Table mentioning the break-down of the IUI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon –

    IUI Treatment in Gurgaon

    IUI Cost in Gurgaon

    The cost of medication and fertility drugs

    INR 8,000 – INR 10,000

    IUI Procedure including –

    • Consultation charges

    • Each visit at the clinic

    • Ultrasounds covered

    • Fertility lab charges

    • Equipment and apparatus cost

    • Step of IUI till placing the sperm into the  uterus of the woman

    INR 8,000 – INR 10,000

    Total IUI Cost in Gurgaon

    INR 15,000 – INR 20,000

    Let’s now look those factors that influence the total cost of an IUI –

    Factors Influencing IUI Cost In Gurgaon At The Best IUI Clinics –

    The very first factor that affects the IUI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon is the age of the couple. Why age is always important in the fertility treatment? This is because of age is all-in-all related with the level of reproductive health. If the age of the woman is say, 28, by that time, she could easily conceive if her AMH is average or higher. AMH also is related to the age of the woman. As the age of the woman goes up, the quality of the egg starts going down, hence it is always preferable to go for the right treatment by the time.  So, again if the age of the couple is above 33, then there might be less chance of successful IUI results, and thus they need to undergo IUI for second or third time – and that overall influences the IUI Cost in Gurgaon.

    Age plays the major role in the success rate of the IUI treatment –

    • Women whose age in between 20 to 30 years they have more than 45% of pregnancy rate
    • Women who are in the age between 30 to 35 years they have maximum 35% of pregnancy rate
    • Females who have reached their 38 years (and in the age group of 35-38), their success rate of pregnancy is somehow 25%
    • Females who are in the age group of 40 have just 15% of success rate by the IUI treatment

    The second factor that persuades the IUI Cost in Gurgaon is – how many cycles of IUI are done; that means at which cycle the couple gets the success result. If the IUI is done two or may be three times, the overall cost of IUI will go up because of multiple cycles performed at the clinic.

    The IUI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon also depends on the experience and number of cases solved by the specialist. If the treatment is performed under the guidance of junior expert, the cost would be less, at the same time; the success rate also gets less due to the less experience in solving the infertility cases. If you will choose the senior expert at the best IUI clinics, don’t worry about the authenticity of the cost, of course you will get the reasonable cost but it might be possible the cost they will ask would be a bit high than the cost quoted by the doctor who has less experience.

    The Closing Lines –

    IUI in Gurgaon is best if you choose the genuine fertility clinic for the treatment that serve a good success rate and proficient fertility team with the senior expert having more than twenty years of experience at least.

    No matter what you choose IUI or IVF, make sure you gather all the collective information about the treatment, cost, and the success rate of the clinic. The fertility team of Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre Gurgaon makes sure each step of the treatment gets carefully accomplished providing all the comfort and advanced amenities to the couple. If you have any follow-up queries or need some further information related to the procedure or IUI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon, please feel free to reach out to us.

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