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How to increase FSH level

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How to increase FSH level

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FSH stands for follicle stimulating hormone, the hormone is essential to work as a messenger in the body of the woman, it is a kind of chemical that is produced in one space and later is used for another part of the body.however,fsh is primarily produced by the pituitary gland. The gland is located on the back of the human brain. which helps to maintain the vital part of the body such as growth, blood pressure, the formation of breastfeeding production, sex organ in male and female, thyroid gland and so on.

In the woman, FSH is considered one of the assisted hormones that help to promote and control menstrual cycle as well as the egg production in woman’s ovaries. The functioning of FSH Is vary and become higher active at the time of ovulation. On the contrary in male, it helps to control the production of sperm, talking about FSH in the male it remain same.

In order to find the competency of couple infertility and it helps to discover the genuine cause of infertility, and let the intended couple know, why they are unsuccessful to become pregnant. it supports to determine does the sex organ of male and female work accurately.

One can increase the FSH LEVEL. While trying few recommendation from the doctor, including healthy lifestyle:-

You may try mild circular massage in lower abdomen by10 to15 times each and very day.

Try diet which contain fatty acids :  try to consume food which contain omeg3 such as fish oil, flax oil and oily fish, one can also use nuts, sunflower oil,avocado.while trying to eat more green vegetable one can able to increase FSH  label naturally.

The intended couple may use ginseng in your diet:-  ginseng help to support and develop pituratary gland, which is found in the brain and it helps to nourish hypothalamus .

By the recommendation of your doctor you may consume mor  dosage of ginseg  in order to prevent blood clotting.

Try to consume 2000 to 3000 maca in day:-  maca which helps primarily to nourish endocrine system. Which is ultimately having impact on release of hormone in body.

Once can increase FSH Level by lifestyle change :-  in order to increase FSH level, doing little exercise, maintain healthy  weight, reduce of weight is a sign of reducing FSH.

The truth behind FSH level and why it is required to done:-

  • The FSH hormonal test is required to understand below concern :-
  • The test can help to get to know the real cause of infertility:-
  • Does the male’s sperm count low.
  • It help to assure the concern in which female suffer menstrual concern. However FSH helps to find is woman’s menopause concern.
  • It help to find does a child pass through puberty, puberty is found in younger age in boy at 10 and in girl 9.
  • It help to find in baby that why sexual feature is not in the stage of progress.
  • Pituitary gland is a major concern , FSH helps to diagnose brain related disease such as tumor

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