Important Tests to check Male Fertility

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Important Tests to check Male Fertility

If you are a male and unable to impregnate your partner, you should consult with your doctor. There are several tests to check male fertility and on the basis of your fertility issue, your expert will provide the treatment.

Let’s read which kind of male infertility tests are performed?

  • Physical exam by a urologist
  • Semen Analysis
  • Blood check up to know hormone level
  • STD Testing
  • Ultrasound (that evaluates male seminal vesicles and scrotum)
  • Vasography
  • Testicular Biopsy
  • Acrosome Reaction
  • Post-ejaculation urinalysis

We will go deep into some of the major male fertility testing like semen analysis, hormone evaluation, Genetic testing etc.

To check male fertility, these tests are performed

Semen Analysis and other male fertility tests

Semen analysis test is that the most acceptable testing procedure to check male fertility and seeking to know if there’s any male sterility issue. Semen sample is collected into a sterile jar and bestowed to the fertility lab under the guidance of experts; they examine this sample underneath a microscope to know the sperm count, its shape, appearance, and quality of the sperm.

While deciding the male sperms count, the experts also check the sperm concentration that whether the sperm concentration is on top of or below twenty million sperm cells per millilitre of ejaculation fluid or not. Male sperm count testing can also be done at home.

If by this analysis, the sperm count is found to be low, then the fertility specialist will likely take a look at male’s blood to check testosterone, FSH, Prolactin level and LH levels. There are variety of supplements out there to assist the improvement of sperm quality like its count, motility and morphology of the sperm.

A test known as Urinalysis is also used to search for white blood cells–an indicator of doable infection. This analysis of male fertility testing also shows the possible availability of sperm within the urine–an indicator of a possible drawback with male ejaculation referred to as retrograde ejaculation.

It may happen that a male partner’s sperm is found to be healthy, motile and morphologically fit, at this case, may be its female partner, who is facing with infertility condition.

If at the first case of semen analysis, male sperm parameter is found to be normal then your doctor may go for second time semen test for the confirmation. If the second result too comes normal then the male don’t have any significant issue in his fertility.

This case could also be come, when in semen, there is not any sperm present, this might be because of a blockage in the male “plumbing” this condition can be corrected using surgical procedure.

Post-ejaculation urinalysis

There may be some of the cause of being low sperm count in your semen even if the male is producing enough. One of the first reason of it may be Retrograde ejaculation, during this situation, male’s’ sperm ejaculates backward in his bladder, the second reason may also be with his vas deferens, there could be a blockage too between the testicle and penis. Post-ejaculation urinalysis test may be performed at this case.

Genetic tests

When the male sperm concentration is extremely low then there may be some genetic cause. To check this genetic cause, a blood test is performed that reveals if there is any changes in Y chromosome, changes of Y chromosome reflects genetic abnormality.


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