ICSI Treatment cost in Delhi
How Much Does ICSI Treatment cost in Delhi

How Much Does ICSI Treatment Cost In Delhi?

ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi: ICSI is the acronym for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, is useful for those men who face issues in impregnating their partner due to the inefficiency of the sperm in the semen. This is basically a male infertility treatment that utilizes a strategy where a solitary sperm is picked and injected directly into the cytoplasm of the egg so as to get a higher probability of fertilization. Since we all know that fertilization is one of the crucial steps of any of advanced fertility treatment, and therefore the fertility lab requires the best quality of the sperm and egg. However, either the egg or sperm if found to be inapt, then there gets the requirement of the advanced technique (either of the donor/ or advanced technique of ART).

Cost OF IVF In India 2021

ICSI treatment is one of the advanced ART strategies where utilization of choosing a solitary sperm cell for infusing to the cytoplasm of the egg takes place. This treatment is proposed to the couples who are barren and who pass over to get progressive outcomes with the use of IVF treatment alone and in desperate need of an improved strategy that gives them the greatest odds of having a pregnancy rather than other fundamental fertility medicines. Again, ICSI is always used for the male infertility issues with the IVF technique. ICSI is also used when the procedure is accomplished using the surgical strategy (Surgical Sperm Retrieval). However, when there are significant issues in the proficient creation of sperms because of the condition, for example, azoospermia, at that point in such cases, ICSI treatment is generally suggest where the odds of sperm penetrating the egg are expanded to an impressive substance and there the surgical procedure (TESA, MESA or PESA) is used. ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi for both of the cases would differ.

Since the patient undergoes surgical procedure (in SSR), the total cost gets elevated; on the other hand, if the ICSI is fulfilled with the IVF treatment, then the total Cost of ICSI in Delhi is far reasonable at the best fertility clinics in Delhi.  

How To Get The Authentic Quotation Of ICSI Cost In Delhi?

Another significant concern for going for quite a high level technique for the fertility treatment is the cost and so what you would be thinking right now – isn’t it? What is the total ICSI Cost in Delhi and from where you should get the most authentic price of ICSI treatment?

So, if you are one of the inhabitants of Delhi, then you are undeniably the lucky person to get treated well that too in most authentic cost. Yes, you heard it right – Delhi has been the famous destination particularly when you are looking for fertility treatment at the best IVF clinics in Delhi. Delhi has gotten a generally pursued spot for encountering the best and highest success rate fertility treatment in view of the moderate value ranges. Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre has come up with the renowned and highly-preferred fertility clinic to get the top-notch fertility treatment. Dynamic Fertility provides crystal-clear package of ICSI Cost in Delhi and gives the highest success rate to the couple whoever deciding to choose the fertility treatment.

ICSI Treatment Cost In Delhi Incorporates Following Steps –

In the start of the ICSI treatment, would be mother is prescribed to take fertility medications to incite ovulation stimulation; this step of ICSI is important in order to get the multiple eggs instead of getting a single egg (that in natural happens each month). This creation is checked through ultrasounds and on the off chance that they eggs are seen to have developed, they are pulled from the ovarian follicles of the lady by utilizing a hollow needle with a suction attached on it.

Once the eggs are matured and developed, the eggs are picked-up under the guidance of senior IVF expert and placed on the petri dish for fertilization. On the same day, the semen collection is done, where the male partner provides his semen sample for the procedure of ICSI. The sperms are then analyzed carefully under the microscope, and then the best quality of the sperm is selected for the fertilization. The selected sperm is then directly injected into the egg’s cytoplasm.

After this strategy, it takes around 3-4 days for the fertilization to appear as an embryo. The healthiest embryo is then moved to the uterus of the mother by the assistance of a cycle the embryo transfer. Towards the end, the mother is supposed to come to the fertility clinic for the pregnancy test. These are the entire steps that are incorporated in the ICSI Cost in Delhi for the couple. 

ICSI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon

Looking For Reasonable ICSI Treatment Cost In Delhi?

Best fertility clinics in Delhi offer a sensibly estimated Cost of ICSI in Delhi. At the best fertility clinic in Delhi, one will get the best treatment, and come across with the group of best fertility specialists, lab technicians, IVF trained professional, lab experts, embryologists, urologists, and other experienced staff. Our patients are guaranteed first class of the treatment in a sensible value range.

ICSI Cost in Delhi is around INR 1, 85,000 – INR 2, 00,000 and can be additionally adjusting to the treatment necessities of various patients. There is no other fertility place that can offer a value range that is this low and give a quality treatment that produces incredible outcomes. Every one of these variables makes us the noticeable alternative for you to pick when searching for this a high level ICSI treatment in Delhi. Our success rates are high and real when contrasted with the other fertility clinics in Delhi and is the motivation behind why patient picks Dynamic fertility clinic from all around the globe.

In short, following steps are incorporated in the package of ICSI Cost in Delhi –

  • Initial consultation

  • Fertility medication

  • Hormonal injections

  • Ultrasounds and blood work

  • Egg-pick up procedure

  • Semen collection and ICSI process

  • Transferring of the healthiest embryo

  • Pregnancy test

INR 1,85,000 – INR 2,00,000

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    Frequently Asked Questions about ICSI Treatment in Delhi –
    Is it really true that ICSI has more success rate than IVF?

    Based on the research, IVF is as effective as ICSI procedure; however there gets higher possibility of attaining successful fertilization in ICSI process. Why so? This is because of direct insertion of the sperm into the egg’s cytoplasm that takes place in the ICSI. However, for both of the treatment type, there gets the requirement of both – healthy eggs and quality sperm.

    ICSI is usually referred to those couples, wherein the partner’s sperm is either less motile or inefficient to self-swim near the egg’s wall, hence via ICSI process, the fertility doctor picks the quality sperm and injects directly into the sperm for fertilization. The actual fertilization step again relies on the excellence of the medical components of the couple.

    Is ICSI treatment right for my fertility case?

    For the exact answer, you have to make sure you have been undergone a proper fertility assessment test from the best fertility clinic. Once after knowing the reason behind your infertility, the senior fertility will guide you with the best option to have a baby via Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART).

    ICSI would be the best option when male partner has infertility issues along with the woman has fertility issues too. ICSI is always followed by fertility medication and hormonal injections, and later retrieval of the eggs take place to accomplish the entire ICSI process. ICSI is safe and secure procedure with minimal risk. There could be the chance of having twins if the couple is fine with more than one embryo transfer.

    Is my baby after ICSI treatment deliver normal?

    Infant delivered by ICSI treatment is totally normal as the baby conceived by natural means. The woman doesn’t have to face any kind of issues once the pregnancy test gets positive.

    If you are worried about ICSI delivery, then say Good-Bye of your stress as ICSI is one of the most preferred ART treatment to have a child.

    Is ICSI procedure painful most in the case?

    A BIG NOO! ICSI is completely out of discomfort or painful procedure. If you have chosen the best fertility clinic, then you don’t have to think much about this as the entire fertility team puts more than their hundred percent efforts to bring the positive outcome. You will get proper and personalized care by the nurses and the doctor throughout and after the treatment.

    Why should I pay extra for ICSI treatment Delhi?

    ICSI is one of the advanced techniques of an ART and requires extra medical tool and equipment for the accomplishment; hence the total ICSI Cost in Delhi is a bit higher than the conventional IVF treatment.

    At Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre, the patient hardly pays additional charges for their ICSI treatment. In the package of IVF, Dynamic serves the ICSI procedure too – if there is the requirement of ICSI. During the initial consultation with the fertility expert, the doctor analyzes the case of the couple and if the report seems to be getting fulfilled with ICSI then the cost gets quoted at that time to the couple (ranging INR 1, 85,000 – INR 2, 00,000).

    How many sperms are needed to accomplish the cycle of ICSI?

    During ICSI treatment, only a single sperm is needed to accomplish the ICSI cycle. ICSI is best known for its effective result during the fertilization, however the later steps such as creation of the healthy embryo and then implantation of the embryo into the female’s uterus decides the actual success rate of the fertility treatment.


    We at Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre, have the best fertility trained professionals and IVF specialists with more than 30 years of involvement with executing the most viable fertility treatment with the decent success rate and pregnancy results.

    ICSI treatment is one of the advanced techniques of ART which has become the best and most preferred male fertility treatment. However, if the fertility case could not get accomplished using ICSI then there are some other techniques such as IMSI or PICSI – that can give better result comparing with the ICSI too. The success rate of the couple’s fertility treatment always relies on the age of the couple and the exact issue of the patient infertility.

    Seeking for the reasonable ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi and getting confused where to go – Don’t worry! We are there for your guidance and support in the way of your fertility journey! Contact our support team for more information.

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