How to know your best fertile days to get success in pregnancy?

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January 24, 2019
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How to know your best fertile days to get success in pregnancy?

fertile days

How to catch your fertile-window to get success in pregnancy

Woman’s fertile window is best described as the days of ovulation and five days of just the ovulation. Many of the women get confused about their exact ovulation day. So, here’s the idea of knowing the exact day of your fertile window.

There is a major role of ovulation if you are planning yourself to get pregnant.

A woman, who is outlining the plan to become pregnant, she should know that she could only get pregnant during her ‘fertile window’ in her menstruation cycle.

You can easily know this that when you are ovulating. Guess what; if you will have sexual intercourse on the same day of your ovulation, then there is high chance of getting pregnant.

Let’s know in deep about fertile window. Fertile window of a female is best termed as the days of female’s menstrual cycle, when achieving pregnancy is far high. Fertile window means the day where female unleashes her own eggs, which is released from the ovary and also fertile window is on those five days, which is prior to exact ovulation.

Some women think that she can get pregnant on any of the days in a month (after doing intercourse with partner), No! This is not at tall true, a woman can only get pregnant during her fertile window days that is – before five days of ovulation and on the same day of ovulation.

So, here the question comes- Why it is so. Why female can’t get pregnant after her ovulation? This is because eggs, once after ripened successfully, come down from the ovary to the fallopian tube and if the sperms are not there then eggs won’t get fertilized and the lining of the uterus falls away along with blood flow through the vagina.

If the sperms are there in the fallopian tube at that time when the egg gets unleashed from the ovary then there is the best chance of getting pregnant. So, basically on the day of ovulation and before three days of female’s ovulation are known as best fertile days of women.

Having sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation is the best days for females to be get conceived. If the female has ovulated and she has crossed her 12-24 hours after ovulation, she will be no longer to get pregnant; this is because the egg will no longer be there in the fallopian tube.

The best way to find when you will ovulate

For becoming pregnant, a female must have to keep the date schedule on her finger tips, it is not mandatory that you have to remember the date as it might happen you skip that so you can write the date on a notepad when you starts your menstruation.

You can keep notice of your cycle, record your first day when you starts bleeding either on a diary or you can save the date in your mobile phone as well.

At the end! Yes! Your best fertile days are those three days leading up to your ovulation and obviously the day you ovulate. Or we can say that you are most fertile when you release your eggs from ovaries (ovulation).


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