How to improve egg quality for pregnancy

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How to improve egg quality for pregnancy

How to improve egg quality for pregnancy-min

True! It is possible to improve the egg quality if you are planning to conceive. You must be wondering HOW!!! Okay so let’s get into this point in elaborate way. Regularity of the menstrual cycle is directly associated with healthy and fine quality of eggs in woman’s ovaries. Various factors influence the quality of the eggs and its health. Factors such as hectic day to day activity, lack of nutrition, unplanned diet, excess intake of cigarettes, drinking habit, overweight or underweight etc. affect on fertility potential (both in men and women). Alternatively, we can say, healthy fertility is all based on stress-free life, a neat and pure diet.

Why egg quality is so important for pregnancy

Your pregnancy all depends upon the egg quality you have. Egg quality determines the chances of getting pregnant. Woman’ age is linked with egg quality. As the age of woman increases, her egg quality becomes declines; this is the reason why females are advised to attain their pregnancy by 33 or 35. Once a female crosses her 35, her eggs quality becomes poor to be fertilized with the sperm. It usually takes 90 day cycle for an egg to set up for ovulation and before the egg comes at its full maturation phase, the egg is affected by 

Given below are some tips to improve Egg Quality to get pregnant

  • Improve your lifestyle

Lifestyle choices have a significant impact on the reproductive health or reproductive cycle, once it gets affected by external factors, egg quality in women begins to decline.

Mentioned below are some points, which you can do to avoid any future hurdles that may come in your life to attain pregnancy; these are –

  1. Regular, gentle exercise
  2. Meditation (Meditation calms your mind and gives inner stability)
  3. Stress-free life (this is one of the significant thing which we usually ignore, negative association is remarked between embryo implantation rate and female negative life events, hence it is preferred to stay happy and stress-free.
  4. Music, sound and Happiness – True, music is the miracle. If you are a bathroom signer then no need to hesitate, sing in front of your relative and spare time. God knows when music can change your life. Happiness can be collected from anywhere and music is one of the best medium from where you get relief.
  5. Eat a balanced diet
  6. Drink plenty of water
  7. Avoid smoking, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine
  • Fertility Massage

Fertility massage is the best therapy that boost the blood flow to the uterus also it increases the flow of freshly oxygenated blood removing the stagnant blood. For a woman, fertility massage is highly recommendable by the specialists, when the couple decides to get pregnant. This improves the egg quality and its fertile nature too.

  • Take supplements like folic acid and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

CoQ10 is a nutrient for the mitochondria, small organelle, which provides energy to cells (energy to cells that includes eggs).  Coenzyme Q10 is an oft-recommended supplement that acts as an antioxidant.

Vitamins supplements boost fertility. Fertility specialist advices to take folic acid supplements before the woman get pregnant and even after. Apart of it, as mentioned above about CoQ10 is also recommended. It is advisable before taking the supplements, consult with your gynecologist about it.

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