How to get pregnant at your 40’s?

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January 31, 2019
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How to get pregnant at your 40’s?

Pregnant at 40

You are in your forties and now have taken decision to get pregnant. It’s totally your choice when to get conceived by your partner. At some cases, it is found that at 40’s prince charming has knocked the woman’s door or the case could also be as if the female has given up on finding her knight in shining armor – these are some situation, which can create delay in woman’s pregnancy plan.

But but but, to be very true, being pregnant is always not possible neither it is the matter of a knocking off plan. Age! Yes, age always plays a crucial role in getting pregnant.

Researchers have given their view and proved as well that at the age of 40, female’s fertility is declined by about 50% from its peak level. Approximately 45% of all the women who have crossed their age of 40 may conceive within a year. It is very hard to get pregnant at the stage of 40’s. Here are some techniques or tips if followed by 40’s women, can bring off their pregnancy.

So, finally, you came up with the decision of your future plan and you want to be pregnant. These are few tips to improve your chances of getting pregnant at 40

  • Now no delay

Yes! It is already a peak time to be get conceived, so it is better to be suggested not to delay anymore as now one month delay can also result in negative outcome. Once you have decided about this plan, make all the efforts to get conceived by your partner. It is the crucial stage of yours to become a mom.

  • No to say for birth control 

Once you have planned to start trying to conceive then you have to stop using or taking birth control.

Say bye for condoms or spermicides as soon as you have taken the decision to get pregnant.

  • Focus on your healthy weight

True! This may sound you very Ok! But it is actually not. Proper weight and lifestyle mean that you really need to work on some specific things to make your life-cycle balanced.

This rule is common for all those ladies who are trying to get pregnant and want to give birth as soon as possible. A woman must have to maintain her body weight thus it is better said – a sound body and sound mind is all needed to achieve success in any kind of plan.

Being pregnant is one of the important goals a couple makes so it is necessary to have healthy weight.

  • Start taking Folic acid

Fertility expert advices to start taking folic acid prior three or four month once you have made a plan to get pregnant. Folic acid does not improve the chances of pregnancy but it prevents birth defects. Before starting the doze of folic acid, take recommendation dosage of it.

Unsure about your Ovulation cycle?

Each and every woman ovulates at different time and this is the only best phase to get pregnant if you are planning for. Getting aware about your ovulation time can be really beneficial at that time when you have made the decision to welcome the days of pregnancy.

To know about your ovulation, you can look for the changes in cervical mucus, cervical mucus is the fluid kind of liquid that discharges from female’s vagina during the month. This is the phase, when you find your ovulation time.

Else you can also make a chart and mention your last menstruation cycle (Ovulation is just one day before the menstruation cycle and if you are planning for a baby then three days before of your periods are the best fertile days to get pregnant), by doing this as well you can have approximate idea of your ovulation cycle.

It happens at some of the woman’s cases that she is unsure about her ovulation cycle or a woman faces a bit irregular ovulation, then she can use ovulation prediction kit. This kit, you can buy from any of the chemist shop.

  • Maintaining appropriate lifestyle

Stick to a healthy diet and follow nutrient rich plan. Neither take stress nor indulge in those activities that may trouble your happiness. Eliminate alcohol completely from your food chart. It is proved that intaking of alcohol may decrease your fertility potential.

Go for morning walk and do regular exercise to have fit and sound body.

The Bottom line

Some women over the age of 40, loses her capacity of eggs quality. Even after doing above recommendation she is impotent to get pregnant, no worries for them as fertility medications are also there to treat this issue.

When to opt for this treatment? You can go for the fertility treatment once you have tried to conceive naturally for more than six month and have not found Yes sign of the pregnancy. So, these were some major tips, which a woman should follow once she has pronounced her willingness to get pregnant at the age of 40.

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