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How to Cope with your Secondary Infertility?

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February 6, 2019
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How to Cope with your Secondary Infertility?

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Most of the couples set the goal of their ideal family and when this mental image unable to succeed, it can be depressing. Infertility is stressful and heartbreaking too, whether the couple has given birth to their first child or not.

If getting easy pregnant for the first time, a couple may think that they won’t get any kind of hurdle during their second pregnancy, it might be true as well but it’s not always the case. Yes! The scenario could be different for those couples, who had no trouble conceiving for the first time. Many of the couples suffer from secondary infertility or we can say that they are not potent to bring out the second baby and this case is referred as secondary infertility.

Brief description about Secondary infertility

Secondary infertility can be simply explained as – Inability to carry out the pregnancy after you’ve had a baby or you have successfully achieved a normal delivery in your first pregnancy. Talking about secondary infertility, it accounts for about 45-50% of the infertility cases.

If comparing with primary infertility (first time to get conceived) to secondary infertility, then we will get to know that nowadays couples experience secondary infertility more than primary infertility. This is more common in those women, who wait until their late 30’s or 40’s to have their second baby.

Few ways to cope with Secondary Infertility

I got easily conceived for the first time, there is not any chance i could have infertility issue!, why i am not happy when i have already a child?, I can’t connect with my friends who have more than a single child- there are various thoughts that come in women’s mind who are struggling with secondary infertility. The first thing, which you need to do, is to be calm and laid-back easily. Let’s read some of the significant points to fight against with secondary infertility issue

Consult your fertility expert or doctor

So, if you have waited long trying to get conceived by your partner and unable to see the positive result, then now it’s the time to consult with your fertility doctor. Schedule an appointment with your OB/Gynecology to discuss the matter you are handling with.

Meet up with the best and veteran fertility expert for your case and most important thing is your comfort. If you are not able to express all the matter of your case then trust me, you will be wasting your time.

Spend time with your  child 

If you have your fertility related issue, it might happen that you feel upset and depressed, avoid talking with any person, but doing this you are not doing anything fruitful. Think this that now you are already a mother of your first baby, then why to become upset.

Yes! you must be thinking that you are unfit to give your little one a sibling but trust me, it is not the matter of being depressed or heartbroken as there are options of several fertility treatments (if suggested by your fertility expert after screening your case) to undergo. So the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is to continue your life as normal as possible and try to spend much more time with your baby. Chat with her/him about anything, have a sweet walk with your baby in the park or even playing hide and seek, by doing these activities you are not only giving happiness to your baby but also you are engaging yourself best as possible. Give time to yourself, watch movies, try to do something innovative, which can easily bring joy and smile on your face.

Don’t suffer in Silence

Those couples, who suffer from secondary infertility often get isolated and can’t share their feeling to anyone. You don’t have to tell everyone about the issue of your infertility but keeping it completely concealed may do more harm, try to share your feelings with your close ones.

Connect with your partner as its not only you, who is suffering from secondary infertility disorder it’s your husband too coping with this issue, so spend time with him, plan a date night, watch movies together, chat with him (except the matter of baby), keep sexual intercourse intimate not a burden or chore.

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