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How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Afghanistan 2021?

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January 1, 2021
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January 1, 2021
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How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Afghanistan 2021?

IVF Cost in Afghanistan
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The costing should be probably done in a low cost efficiency that may be helpful in making the treatment effective for all the process to be enumerated in an effective way for processing the apart procedure also  to be done in installments with synchronizing the part abandoned in an accusative programmed structure for bringing back the numerology which seems to be helpful for upholding the process in an effective manner to be made probable in an accurate process for enumerating the most accused treatment with the best costing procedure to be followed up in such an aspect to be made declarable.

With having the different methods formulation, the costing that can accelerate the best for the efficiency that enumerates the costing for an effective assertions that accrue the inseminations for the procedure that 5 to 6 such processes are based upon the completion of the procedure in an effective way.  The processes have including the steps like the first and foremost step is to stimulate the ovaries and then extract the eggs out of the female’s body and then fertilize the eggs with the semen and the next step is the formulation of embryos and the last is to transfer the embryos in the uterus of the female and for that the treatment of IVF package is barely about only 3,300 US$.

In order to make the treatment result oriented the treatment should be done in an effective way with the experienced expertise treatment and also with the treatment to be made more and more resulting one with the IVF best financing and effective plan.

  • Why IVF?

For adjourning the effective treatment in an accomplished way that the costing should accumulates the better procedure for accruing the inseminations that is depending upon the treatment procedure for efficiency to be procure with the completion of the treatment in accessing the propounded treatment to be completed with the better treatments to be made in processing the prior processes to be made in affections in treating the best plan for the process to be made effective in order to further processing  the inseminate characteristics for promoting the completions to the treatment that is assessable for wondering the clients to inseminates the treatment plan and centre for the redirection to be done with efficiency in the treatment to be creating the start ups for the procedures to be in completion with the usual payment.

While assessing the costing for a better procured inseminations to be made probable with the overall treatment to be done in prompting the way to possess for creating a better understanding in mere processing in order to made it cost friendly treatment for IVF as for those needed couples who are wishing to have the child of their own to be better probing the efficiency that made the treatment to be announced for the betterment of the inspired couples having the dream to owe the child of their own.

Why the costs are differentiated in numerous countries?

The costs that are offered in numerous countries should be assessed and must be in the preferential, reasonable and in an affordable amount to enumerate the proposed and affordable costing.

Packages offered by numerous clinics of different countries:-

  • Normal package offered includes

The costing of the packages should be adjourned in miraculous formation as the costing should be only 3,300 US$ which must be the most basic and probable amount that is being offered to the couples and that is the much appropriative amount for assimilating the normal package that is offered to the couples in best satisfying the needs towards the childless couples in order of removing the issues of sterility to be determined in much appropriate manner and must be in reasonable and effective costing.

Basic package in Afghanistan should be costs about only 3,300 US$ which is the much affordable costs one can invest in order to attain successful results. IVF costs with donor which may be the egg donor or may be the sperm donor must be having the additional charges for the donors.

  • IVF costs with egg donor and the intended father sperms should be costs barely about 4,800 US$ which is bifurcated as 3,300 US $ as the cost for IVF treatment and additional 1,500 US$ as the egg donor charges.
  • IVF costs for IVF treatment using intended mother’s eggs and the sperms of the sperm donor includes extra charges for sperm donor as the sperm donor charges is about 4,00 US$ for the services he is availing and the total costs becomes 3,700 US$ as 3,300 US$ for IVF treatment and 4,00 US$ for sperm donor charges.
  • IVF costing by both the components to be used by the intended parents should be merely about 3,300 US$ only which is the best and least amount for the childless couples to owe a child of their own without any additional costs included in such costing.
  • Guaranteed package offered includes

We at our clinic is offering the best method of insemination to be done and with the fair guaranteed program to be focused upon in an effective manner that accrue the way towards the programming towards the pathway for the normalized method includes:-

Let us discuss the countries and states who are offering the guaranteed package.

Countries offering guaranteed packageCosting of guaranteed package
Cost in India & Cities

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
INR 2,50,000

  • INR 2,00,000
  • INR 2,20,000
  • INR 2,10,000
  • INR 2,20,000
  •  INR 2,20,000
  • INR 2,20,000
Georgia3,700 US$
Kenya3,300 US$
Dubai3,400 US$

There should be numerous counties which are offering the guaranteed package but the best among them are India and within the country India, the state which offers the least costs package and that too in minimum affordable costing of only INR 2,00,000 is the state Delhi where the guaranteed package is assessed and affirmations to be given on the top priority and must be in the better formulations in the metropolitan arena in the form of better facilitations to be provided within the way probable.

The guaranteed package have the cheaper costs in comparing the costs within the country and in different locations of the world but the best costs offered in Delhi state and that is the minimal and most nominal costs with having some fluctuations to be probably assessed with the better probable costing of the package.

Miracles creating possibility with sterility treatments within suitable amount

The better the proficiency to be made the inclusion is assisting for the center offering the treatment for treating the best process to be done in an effective way for doing the completion in assimilation with accruing for adjoining to be made for joining the process in a better way to be made the process a resulting oriented one.

The clinic offers the best costing for prompting the processing to be permissively enumerating to fulfill the emptied space of the child in the life of the couples who are not having the child of their own. The intended parents  who wants the child of their own since past many years should be programming the acquaintances to be generated in processing the way out for the journey towards parenting is all process one should wants in such a scenario to be fulfilled.

With the best costing, the clinic is helping the couples in awaking with the facts of the situation that the age of the couple must played a vital role in pertaining the procedure that the fertility is somehow directly relates to the age factors and other factors are also creating a role in such a process to be completed there with the process of IVF to be completed.

Our cost V/S Agency cost – which one is cheaper and affordable?

Different variables in costing processAgencies costsOur clinic’s costs
Consultation costs100 US$ 80 US$
Medications costs 2,400 US$2,000 US$
Injections costs 390 US$370 US$
Additional costs including agents costs etc.






25% as referral charges of the agent which is an additional charge charged directly from the couples by the agencies No additional costs should be charged despite of the treatment costs




Success rate 78%82%



The costs should be aviated with the referral charges of the agent if the couple is thinking to opt for the agency program to be enumerated with the (costing that the costs should be extra with 10% to 27% as the referral charges of the agent) and if the couple should opt the services through our own clinic than the clinic should provide the translator facilities that the translator is available within our clinic that the translator is available in both the languages as understandable by the Afghani couples as the translator for languages available are Pushto, Dari and Farsi and for the translator services (we are not charging any amount as for the translator’s fees in our clinic) and other charges to be additionally paid by the couple for using such a service in case the couple is opting for agency services with some terms and conditions to be mutually agreed upon.

So at the end one can conclude that the costs offered at the clinic should be cheaper in comparison with the agency costing as the clinic’s costing should be free from any additional charges like the referral charges of the agent and also the translator charges which is the service we are availing to the couples at our clinic and must be free of costs service we are up holding within the clinic to the Afghani couples who are having the treatment within our clinic.

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