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How much does IVF pregnancy cost in India?

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February 23, 2019
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How much does IVF pregnancy cost in India?

ICSI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon

ICSI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon

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When any couple steps their first foot on the path of IVF treatment, the way seems quite long and uncertain too. Each couple’s goal after their marriage is somehow to achieve a healthy pregnancy and joyful parenthood but many of the duos faces a struggling days just to attain their father or motherhood.

When the couple is unable to get pregnant even after trying unprotected intercourse more than six month or a year, this means the couple is having the issue in their fertility or we can say then infertile couple. Infertility could be of basic and advance too, when it is basic then normal fertility medication or IUI treatment can work but if the infertility is quite severe, say an instance the female has had her blocked fallopian tube or she is suffering from endometriosis, PCOD, or genetic abnormality then there it comes ART methodology treatment.

Is IVF Pregnancy Cost in India economical? 

ART is fully known as Assisted Reproductive Technology, IVF is one of the most preferred and globally accepted infertility treatments to get rid of the tag of childlessness from the couple’s cheerful days.

It generally happens, while planning for IVF pregnancy treatment, couple takes their step back just to interpret wrong IVF pregnancy cost in India. Yes! Even now as well, many of the individual thinks that IVF pregnancy cost in India is costly and they won’t be able to afford that. It’s completely incorrect perception of ours; IVF Pregnancy Cost in India is very reasonable and easy to pay by the couples, who are planning for their IVF treatment. Therefore, if you also think about the costly fees of IVF pregnancy treatment then remove this inappropriate misunderstanding because IVF pregnancy cost India is very affordable & easy on your pocketbook.

Dynamic Fertility & IVF Center is the world-wide leading fertility clinic that puts forth the best treatment and gives IVF Pregnancy Cost in India in marked down package to the patient. Dynamic team provides veteran experts for IVF treatment and a highly managed co-ordination team.

All About IVF Pregnancy Cost in India 

Come let’s gather the basic and advance IVF Pregnancy cost in India. Let us clear here that what is basic IVF pregnancy cost in India and what is advance.

  • Basic IVF pregnancy cost in India
  • Advance IVF pregnancy cost in India

Since, we all know that IVF is the panacea of all the infertility hiccups; this treatment is combined with several other ART techniques to get favorable result as per the requirement of the patient’s need of their infertility.

During basic or traditional IVF pregnancy treatment, sperms and eggs are collected from the male and female partner. IVF – In Vitro Fertilization must be performed by the veteran’s hands of fertility doctors, who must have enough experience in infertility sector.

During IVF pregnancy treatment, the first step is giving the fertility medication & hormonal injections (for 12-13 days) to the female. These medications are provided to stimulate the mature and multiple eggs, once these eggs are ready to obtain, a trigger shot hCG injection is given in order to receive mature eggs. This injection is given just before 34-36 hour of egg retrieval procedure.

Once the eggs are retrieved, these eggs are mixed with the sperms in the culture dish for fertilization. Active and motile sperm penetrates into the cytoplasm of the egg and if all goes well, fertilization soon takes place in a healthy manner.

At the stage of blastocyst, embryo is transferred into the female’s uterus to achieve successful implantation. If the embryo successfully attaches with the uterine lining of the female, then soon normal pregnancy takes place.

This procedure is all about basic IVF pregnancy procedure. IVF Pregnancy Cost in India is INR 1,50,000. This IVF Pregnancy Cost in India includes –

  • Fertility Medications
  • Hormonal Injections
  • Vaginal Ultrasounds
  • Monitoring visits
  • Blood level test (before egg retrieval process)
  • Egg collection and semen collection
  • Fertilization
  • Fees of IVF Laboratory
  • Embryo Transfer

There would be extra charges, if the female wants to go for Post embryo transfer process. So, here is all about the procedures that include in IVF Pregnancy Cost in India.

When it comes to Advance IVF Pregnancy cost in India then, the cost varies accordingly the treatment, which the fertility expert prefers to the couple. For example, if the female is unable to lay healthy and fertile eggs for fertilization procedure then the suggestion by their doctors will be – donor egg. During this process, instead of using female’s egg, donor egg is used to achieve fertilization. By this time, the charges of IVF pregnancy cost India becomes additional. There are several treatments when combined with IVF, the sum up cost of the treatment differs.

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