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How Much Do You Have to Pay For Male Infertility Treatment in India?

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July 24, 2018
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How Much Do You Have to Pay For Male Infertility Treatment in India?

What is male infertility?

Complete and happy family generally means a father, mother and their children. This may be sound very simple but for some couples it’s not that easy how it seems, yes the Infertility factor we are talking about. Infertility in male occurs due to several reasons like low count of sperm and less motility of sperm or abnormal shape of it etc. Many of the techniques have been designed by the proficients of fertility. One of them is Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART), though it does not cure the problem by root but it gives the pleasure of becoming the parent.

Now let’s have a look to the cost for the treatments of male Sterility – As mentioned above there is common method of treating the fertility problem which is ART. It has many procedures to make possible to get a baby by the infertile partner.

Treatments and its cost are mentioned below for solving the Male infertility –

ICSI – it is quite similar to IVF but the only difference is in achieving fertilization.ICSI is termed as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Here a single is injected into each egg for better fertilization. The cost of IVF is $3,300 USD.

IMSI – It is a technique where a single sperm is morphologically examined under microscope, to detect whether it is totally healthy for fertilization or not and then after selecting that single sperm, it is injected into the egg received by the female partner. The cost of IMSI is $500 USD.

PESA- It is a surgical sperm retrieval (SSR) where sperm is achieved by gentle suction with the help of fine needle inserted into epididymis ,which is above the testes.The cost of PESA is $500 USD.

MESA-  MESA stands for microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration.It is surgical process in which an incision is made in scrotum exposing the testis and the epididymis.This process is generally done for treating the male infertility when there is non correctable congenital problem like absence of the vas deferens or have any barrier in epididymis. It costs $500 USD.

Those men who have not any issue of blockage but there is the issue in the production of sperm or may be no sperm in the semen,for those case special and advanced technique is required to obtain some sperm which may be there in testicles. This methods are :

TESA (Testicular sperm aspiration)- In this process a needle attatched to a syringe is placed in a scrotum and simply by draining out the fluid of testicular tissue, later from this fluid sperm is retrieved using a microscope. The cost of this technique is $800 USD.

Micro dissection TESA– This is also a minor surgical process, it is quite similar to TESA but it is more advanced and effectful as in this method microdissecting microscope is used to suck out the tissues which is to removed. In this procedure the rate of sperm retrieval are high and the amount of tissue which drained out are very less. It is done with special microscope having high magnification. It costs $2300 USD.


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