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How do I get pregnant at 40?

November 23, 2020
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December 18, 2020
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How do I get pregnant at 40?

pregnancy at 40s

pregnancy at 40s

Whether you are thinking of getting pregnant at an older age or have faced trouble conceiving from the past few years. Irrespective of your current fertility health, there are some ways by which you can foster the fertile environment inside your body in order to ensure conception at a later age. Attaining conception at 40 is not an impossible task as many women have been reported to conceive even after age 35 or 40 by employing some tips and techniques or by simply undergoing fertility treatment. 

It is a known fact that fertility tends to decline as a woman ages and the chances of getting pregnant for a woman aged 40 or above are nearly 5-10%. While there is not a sure-shot way of becoming pregnant, especially if you are someone who has been struggling to conceive, however, there are some methods you can utilise that will dramatically enhance your chances of conception and make pregnancy a highly achievable destination for you. No matter how healthy and young you appear in your forties, having tremendous fertile health has a very little to do with how you look and more with what lifestyle and other habits you are accustomed to. 

Getting pregnant can be a tiresome task when it comes to women thinking of having a child at 40. While the chances of successfully experiencing parenthood are as low as 8% in your forties, but it is always good to give your best shot and make the most out of this little possibility. There can be a lot of reason that impels a woman to choose pregnancy for later such as work, building a career, getting married later in life, or simply because they decide to do so. Regardless of whatever reason you postponed conception or the reason that has kept you from experiencing parenthood; you can still manage to achieve pregnancy provide that you diligently follow the tips and techniques mentioned in this article.

To enhance the chances of your conception, we have formulated some tips that will significantly aid in your road to attaining pregnancy. Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre is a prominent fertility centre in India, providing the services of the most excellent fertility experts from a past few decades. Our highly experienced fertility specialists have immense knowledge in the fertility department and offer the best piece of advice when it comes to fertility and pregnancy to their patients. 

Here are some tips for assuring pregnancy at 40.

Choose a healthy diet 

Importance of what you ingest on a daily basis cannot be neglected, and this holds more importance when we talk about improving your fertile health. Incorporating nutrition-rich foods in your food list goes a long way in boosting your fertile health. A diet filled with antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, lutein, etc., is extremely beneficial in bringing up your fertility rates. You can pick and eat foods such as bananas, brussels sprouts, carrots, oysters, eggs, etc. 

Take care of your preconception health

Planning plays a crucial role in every undertaking. So if you are planning to get pregnant at a critical age, then planning in advance with the assistance of an expert faculty is essential. The medical professionals at our centre will offer you useful insights after analyzing your health and previous medical history. This type of assessment will help in identifying the exact changes you need to make in your life or finding out whether pregnancy will be possible for you. The alterations made in accordance with your current health will help in maintaining good preconception health, which will significantly help in making certain high chances of pregnancy. 

Do not overindulge in exercising

Vigorous exercising is as harmful to your fertile health as no exercising at all is. While a sedentary lifestyle has proved to lower fertility rates, but engaging in intense physical activity can cause considerable damage to your reproductive organs. Basic exercising such as walking, stretching, or a workout involving less sweat is recommend for a woman about to begin the voyage to parenthood. 

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Any kind of bad habit should no longer take room in your lifestyle if you wish to conceive at this stage in your life. Women who booze every now and then have more chances of not getting pregnant at an older age when comparing to those who do not booze. Smoking is another bad habit that makes conception not so easily attainable and increases the chances of a miscarriage happening as well. 

Reduce anxiety and manage stress

It is normal to feel anxious as the journey of pregnancy is an enormous task demanding a lot of efforts, but being overtly nervous about the whole process may make you lose the battle even before you begin it. So keep your stress levels on a check and try meditation and other calming techniques for managing your stress levels as they can have a detrimental effect on your fertile health. 

And if pregnancy is still not achievable even after following all the steps mentioned above. Then, you can also choose to undergo a fertility treatment. There are various types of fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, and surrogacy, perform in accordance with the severity of patient’s infertility. Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre is a well-known fertility centre in India that has the best fertility experts proficient at performing all types of fertility treatments. They provide their services within the most affordable price range, which is why international patients are compelled to pick India for their fertility tourism. 

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