How Can I improve my egg quality?

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January 29, 2019
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January 31, 2019
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How Can I improve my egg quality?

Whether the woman undergoes for normal pregnancy or attaining pregnancy with the help of any fertility treatments (such as IVF) it is mandatory that the eggs, which the female has ovulated, must be healthy enough to be fertilized with sperm. If the egg is of poor quality then unfortunately, fertilization will not be able to take place.

Therefore, for a successful fertilization, a man’s sperms and female’s eggs- both have to be healthy and motile enough to be fertilized with each other.

Eggs-a female unleashes a single egg in one month, if the sperms are not there in the fallopian tube, then that egg won’t fertilized and comes down through the vagina along with bleeding- which is referred as menstrual cycle. For a woman, it is important to know several points, which can open the window for easy fertilization. Out of several significant points, one important factor, which now we are into, is- How to improve female’s egg quality.

Let’s read some inside the story of improving female’s egg quality

  • Say No to say Cigarettes

If you count the side-effects caused by smoking then you will come up with several points, one of them is infertility. Smoking speeds up the egg loss from the ovaries.

As you all know that there is DNA in each egg cell, if you are a smoker then by the chemicals, which is present in cigarettes mutate these DNA in each egg cells. This causes the female unable to become smoothly pregnant.

Women are born up with life-time eggs they ever have, and slowly gradually the number of eggs reduces as the age of the woman increases, hence it is best suggested to keep your eggs healthy and free of any kind of haphazard chemicals.

Alcohol also gives adverse affect and directly reduces the egg quality. By taking alcohol, a female can have reduced sexual intercourse drive, as well as it makes the female regular menstrual cycle irregular.

  • Healthy Diet

This comes as one of the most important factor for any of the female to make her eggs healthy. What you have to do is just to stick on healthy diet and be in the same track unless until you not get pregnant. Proper diet always boosts your fertility capacity.

Stay away from fried food, bad fat, processed meats, oily products, excessive salt and sugar; take a healthy and timely diet plan like leafy green vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits, nuts, fish etc.

  • Advisable to take supplements

It is essential to take supplements of vitamins to make your fertility capacity boost. Three essential supplements, which a female must have to take for her egg health and these are- Coenzyme Q10, melatonin and fish oil. These are in low budget and helps in improving egg quality in females.

Coenzyme Q10 boots the function of mitochondria and thus it ameliorate the quality of eggs, melatonin encourages function of ovaries and fish oil helps to produce healthier quality of eggs and also boost reproductive function in advance maternal age.

  • Healthy circulation of Blood flow

Blood circulation is must and required for the females ovaries to perform well. Oxygen-rich blood initiates healthy and fine production of the eggs. Dehydration might decrease blood flow thus drink sufficient water and keep yourself totally hydrated. Yoga is the superb way and the healthy path for improving blood circulation.

  • Egg Freezing

This method is chosen by those couples, who plan their pregnancy after some years (delay). Woman’s age is all needed to achieve healthy fertilization, as the age increases of a woman, her egg quality and capability reduces by time.

So, if you are planning for delayed pregnancy, then egg freezing will be the best option to attain pregnancy when you want. This process boosts the chances of future success.

  • Manage Stress.

Nervous tension and anxiety produces hormones like Prolactin and cortisol- these are those hormones that causes delay in ovulation and production of eggs. So, it is mandatory to say goodbye to the stress and tension, try to eliminate anxiety by doing regular exercise, meditation, acupuncture etc.

A woman should keep herself on healthy balanced diet in order to make healthy reproductive system. If reproductive system is functioning well then she can soon get pregnant without facing any kind of hurdles. Women, who are below 35, have better chances of conceiving or getting pregnant. It is suggested for each and every female to follow the above tips in order to upgrade her quality of the eggs.

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