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What happens if infertility is caused by prescribed medicines?

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September 12, 2017
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What happens if infertility is caused by prescribed medicines?

Human body is an important vessel which we need to keep it in tip-top shape while considering a pregnancy. Mostly women’s are aware that sexually transmitted diseases, fibroids, over- weight, diabetes and thyroid problems may affect the pregnancy but very few are aware of the fact that certain prescription and medication also affect the pregnancy.

“as the women’s menstrual cycle is overall controlled by the coding between brain, ovaries and uterus, any medication or health issues may disrupt the interaction and may affect the ovulation and make it difficult for a women to achieve a pregnancy.

There are some medications which are required to treat certain level of infertility. Close consultation with the doctor is required when it comes to medications regarding your fertility treatment.

Medicines or hormonal treatment are often the first step considered in fertility treatment. They are being used for IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION) and ART (ASSIST REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES)

IF women have irregular periods or no ovulation, using medications to stimulate ovulation increases the chance of pregnancy but on the other hand it also increases the risk of multiple pregnancies.

How medicines affect fertility?

There are three main ways by which medication can affect the fertility out of which two directly affects women. Medicines can alter ovulation, endometrial and uterine productivity which has a direct impact on women’s ability to conceive.

Medication affects both male as well as female partner. In female medication may affect a women’s ability to ovulate and in male it affects the sperm count by affecting the production of follicle stimulation hormone (FSH).

It’s not only the medicines that affect the fertility; there are certain types of drugs as well which do affect the fertility. The drugs are as follows:

  • Testosterone
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Other medication

Medicines choices for men can be:

Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). This helps in increasing the production of hormones in body which are needed for sperm production.

Bromocriptine and cabergoline lowe prolactin level. High level of prolactin in body prevents the release of testosterone.

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