Govt IVF Centre in Delhi: Get Best Clinic Cost, Success Rate

Delhi’s Top Government IVF Centres : Cost, Success Rate & Reviews 2021

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Delhi’s Top Government IVF Centres : Cost, Success Rate & Reviews 2021

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Infertility is that hot potato topic which is running nowadays in India. When a couple is unable to hack the natural cycle of pregnancy, we term it as infertility. There are many advance treatments to straighten out the issue of sterility such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI etc. If we talk about Delhi, the capital of India, regarded as the heart of the nation. Delhi is all about happening places, famous for its enriched culture, historical monuments, huge crowd, malls etc. However, each coin has two sides so the Delhi is. Undeniably, Delhi has positive and negatives aspects as well. If we look into some adverse situation or unfavourable facts about it then we may count- heavy population, pollution, various diseases, unmanaged lifestyle due to urban environment, unhealthy balanced diet etc. and these are the points which could be the reason behind male and female infertility in Delhi.

The topic, which are discussing now, is that matter which has become talk of the town for many individuals. Infertility! Just Imagine 20-25 million couples are suffering from this problem in India. Infertility is quite common in these affecting several men and women in rural and urban areas.

Thanks to the Advance Medical Treatments, which has not only enriched the techniques to get to the bottom of any problems but also invented various forms of methods to untangle any medical issue. So, no worries! Even if you are facing with Sterility or infertility issue, there are various treatments to work out for this problem. Let’s have brief detail about Infertility. When male or female can’t make the grade to undergo natural cycle of pregnancy, or we can say, in spite of doing frequent intercourse in a year unable to conceive, this is when we call they are infertile. Infertility can occur to both, male or female. There are various reasons behind their infertility such as- excessive work-out, overweight, underweight, physically not strong, unhealthy lifestyle, consuming of alcohol, smoking or drug addictive etc.

There are omnifarious Government IVF centre in Delhi that treats infertility cause. IVF is one of the most enhanced and productive treatment in India to hit upon the issue of sterility. IVF comes in ART technique. In IVF method, eggs are retrieved from the female partner and sperms are collected from male duo, placing on a Petri dish to achieve fertilization and then putting the embryo into the female uterus for pregnancy. It’s important to opt for a fertility treatment from that centre which has higher success rate and relatively higher pregnancy rates from others centres.

Let’s knock around some top Government IVF centres and read chapter and verse of it-

  1. AIIMS- All India Institutes of Medial Science- This is one of the top most government hospital in Delhi, which provides every treatment in reasonable cost. Advance fertility treatment is available here in a slashed cost and in a minimal charge. Success rate of IVF in this hospital is 35-40%.

        Average Costing :  Rs. 60,000 INR (With Medicines)

  1. GTB (Guru Teg Bahadur) – This is the hospital, which is located in Dilshad Garden in Delhi. GTB offers fertility treatments in cost effective price. Success rate of this hospital is 40-45%.Average Costing: Rs. 65,0000 INR (With Medicines)
  2. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital (LNGP) – IVF centre at LNJP hospital was the first one to be set up at a hospital under the Delhi government. This government hospital is situated in Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, in Delhi. This is one of the government IVF centres, which treats sterility issue in marked down price. Success rate of this hospital is 40%.

       Average Costing: Rs. 62,000 INR (With Medicines)

After going through above Government IVF centre in Delhi, we can conclude one thing that being government hospitals undoubtedly they are hell crowded, every day you find long queue waiting patients for their turn.

Dynamic fertility centre in Delhi is one of the top fertility clinics in Delhi. This fertility centre has maintained its high success rate for the past many years. Thousands of patients especially choose this fertility clinic to unravel their infertility cause. Doctor and their team of Dynamic Fertility are very hard working and diligent. They perform each and every procedure in a calm and smooth way without doing any hastiness. Not only Indians fix on Dynamic Fertility but also outsiders make choice for this centre. One of the most important factors is the cost of IVF; undeniably, the cost of IVF and other fertility treatments is not that easy on each infertile duo’s pocketbook, but it’s not that extravagant too. Dynamic fertility provides IVF at the same cost which government hospitals offer.

In addition, if we see the success rates of each government centre of fertility treatment in Delhi then its maximum 45%. Success rate of Dynamic fertility is 60-70%, which is higher than rest of all government IVF centre in Delhi. The laboratory of Dynamic is equipped with sophisticated state-of-the-art technology and managed by the highly skilled, veteran fertility experts & doctors. Dynamic fertility is known for its high success rates IVF and infertility problems and hence it is marked among the best centre to disentangle infertility problem. Experts of clinic in Dynamic are the best; they behave in elegant and courteous way with their each patient. Their main goal is to deliver healthy, safe and sound child, in addition with, they give their personal interest and utmost care in each step of IVF process to the infertile partner. It’s not just they do have the highest success rates compare to others but also since many years Dynamic fertility  is maintaining its record and not letting down the hope of sterile duos. Their main motto is to provide standardized, high-quality IVF and fertility treatment in a cost-effective and transparent manner. So if you are planning to do the treatment of IVF, then come down in the favour of Dynamic fertility and have a safe journey treatment of your infertility.

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