Genital Tuberculosis in Delhi: Know Its Best Treatment Clinic

Genital tuberculosis

Genital Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is defined to be a disease caused by the bacterium named as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

  • This bacterium can affect any of the part of the body but primarily affects lungs.

T uberculosis is defined to be a disease caused by the bacterium named as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This bacterium can affect any of the part of the body but primarily affects lungs. The infection caused in the lungs is referred to as pulmonary tuberculosis.

A lthough tuberculosis primarily affects lungs but it also travels to the other parts of the bidy too infecting them by the blood. It can cause affect to the other organs like genital tract, pelvic area, kidney, spine and brain.

Thus, when this bacterium affects the genital organs, it results into genital tuberculosis, which is also referred to as pelvic TB. This type of TB is major cause of the female infertility these days.

Who all get infected with of Genital TB?

The human being who become infected with Genital TB are: 

  • Persons with low immunity towards bacterium falls prey to this disease easily.
  • Persons who are in close contact with the already infected person for long duration
  • Person with TB infected lungs
  • Females with untreated pulmonary TB further leading to Uterine and pelvic TB
  • Person who does sexual contact with the infected person

Symptoms of Genital TB

Genital TB is a silence infection which grows over a period of time with no symptoms at initial level. As and when the severity of this disease grow, symptoms starts to appear near about after 10-20 years. Some of the prevalent symptoms which appear are as follows:

  • Infertility
  • Pelvic pain
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Vaginal discharge stained with blood, which is persistent, heavy and discoloured
  • Bleeding after intercourse

In some cases, difficulty is encountered to diagnose genital tuberculosis due to lack of visible symptoms. With the symptoms diagnosed, you are advised by the doctor for the treatment.

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Treatment of Genital TB

The process and the treatment for genital TB as well as the Lung TB or any other kind of TB, all are same to high extent. TB is treated by the course of antibiotics given to the patient for a period of about six to eight months. The course of antibiotics is essential to be completed to cure the Genital TB properly.

The treatment of Genital TB just offers relief form pain, fever, and discharge whereas it cannot repair the fallopian tubes completely, if by case they are affected. Hence, it is advisable to have secondary opinion prior to starting anti TB medicines.

Even after having the treatment of Genital TB, no surety is there that the TB bacteria will be killed by the antibiotic.

How genital TB affects fertility?

Genital TB affects the fallopian tubes in females causing tubal obstruction, which cannot be reversed even after the treatment and thus affecting the fertility.  In case TB is diagnosed in early stages which is difficult to do, can be treated and the damage caused by it to uterus and fallopian tubes can be recovered. But if Tb left untreated for long duration, the disease and its effect of uterus and fallopian tubes can’t be healed.

Genital TB can also affect the uterine lining and thus leading to the halt to the menstrual period. Unfortunately, causing problem for females in conceiving.

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