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Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rate Is High in India

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December 6, 2021
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December 18, 2021
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Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rate Is High in India

Frozen Embryo Transfer


What is Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Infertility treatments mainly assist in having conception and, in some cases, it helps to overcome infertility issues. After having a baby, some couples think about another one to complete their family. For conception again, they will have IVF treatment. It will require every step to perform again but, thanks to the latest technology, the FET assists them in having pregnancy as many times they have embryos.

In IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment, several eggs and sperm quantities retrieve to form embryos. One or two fertilized eggs can implant into the female uterus. Your expert can advise embryo freezing to store it and can use in another IVF cycle. When a prior IVF cycle fails or, you wish to get pregnant again, you can use stored embryos.

For the conception, Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) performs by your expert. It is a less intense and easy process than conventional IVF. In IVF, the eggs and sperm retrieve and inseminate to form embryos that require more time. The hormonal medications assist in increasing the conceiving possibility. You will have positive signs after embryo transfer.

In India, many best centres provide FET-IVF through the best fertility specialists. The Frozen Embryo Transfer success rate is high in India. It is a modern procedure getting popular among infertility treatments because of its high success rates and ease of use.

In which conditions do FET- IVF helps in the conception?

IVF assist in various infertility conditions to have a successful pregnancy. FET also helps the same conditions but, your experts can advise it in the following conditions:

  •   For another child: After having one child from IVF treatment, many couples think to have one more through it again to increase their family.
  • Your embryos cryopreserve during a prior IVF procedure and can now use for conception. It will not require the entire IVF process to perform again for pregnancy.
  •   PGD/PGS: If the couple requires Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) that helps to diagnose the genetic or inherited disorder. It will take a few days in which the embryos should freeze. After the screening reports, your expert will advise you to use the FET in the IVF cycle for conception.  
  •  In many cases, the couple is the middle of IVF treatment, and the female partner is diagnosed with a problem that requires recent treatment like cancer or tumour. After the treatment, the egg quality decreases due to radiation contact and affects the female fertility capability. The prepared embryos can cryopreserve and be in FET for conception.  
  •   OHSS Risk: Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) is a syndrome that happens due to fertility medicines use. It is a severe problem that cannot conceive in IVF and require cancelling the process.

The form embryos can cryopreserve for moreover pregnancy results.  

  Embryo Donor: Many times, female eggs are ineligible for IVF so, your doctor will recommend a donor embryo. It will collect from the donor and cryopreserve till the preparation of the implantation cycle.

What is the frozen embryo transfer process in India?

The FET- IVF process is the embryo implantation process accomplished in the fertility lab. It is a less intense, time taken and invasive process. In this process, your IVF cycle will not require performing as the partner eggs and sperm retrieve already and fertilized.

You with FET with conceiving in the following steps:

1.   To begin the treatment, your specialist will observe the menstrual cycle. It will assist them in determining the optimal period for your ovulation. Luteinizing Hormones will also monitor to know the level of embryo freezing and how long it will last.

2. According to the ovulation cycle, your expert prescribes hormone medicines to stimulate the uterus. It will help in the embryo implantation in the lining.

3.   Embryos will unfreeze by melting and take it to the conventional temperature. One or more than one will place on the catheter. It will insert inside the uterus through the vaginal and cervix area. The frozen embryo transfer implantation performs into the uterus lining for a successful pregnancy.

4.   Your expert can advise supplements to stimulate the uterus function and successfully conceive. It can continue till the pregnancy and treatment cycle result.  

How much does FET cost in IVF treatment?

Frozen embryo transfer cost in India is affordable than IVF and other ART treatments. Its average cost ranges from INR. 48,000. It is the cost per FET-IVF treatment cycle. It will depend on various factors treatment cycle number, health, age, embryo quality, etc.

What are the success rates and implantation signs in FET?

The frozen embryo transfer success rate is high in India. It will depend on the embryo quality, age of the female partner, infertility condition, etc. In comparison to other ART treatments, it has high birth rates. It has a 50% birth rate that is higher.

  • After the embryo implantation, the pregnancy will confirm through blood testing. Some women have few positive signs after embryo transfer. It does not mean successful pregnancy but can be a sign.
  • After several days of the procedure, spotting or minor bleeding could be an embryo implantation sign with the uterus lining.
  • Some women face Body changes after embryo transfer like breast soreness or tenderness that causes by hormonal changes.
  • Mild cramping may be the successful embryo implantation into the uterus. After the process, the female partner feels sudden cramps that cure with a few medicines or time.
  • Some women experience nausea and morning sickness following embryo transfer, positive signs after embryo transfer.
  • More tiredness and frequent urination is its sign.  

Where to have the best FET-IVF in India?

In DYNAMIC IVF and FERTILITY CENTRE, you can have the best infertility treatments in India. It has treatments filled with top-notch facilities and advanced technologies. They offer high success rates in various infertility treatments to assist couples in having a conception.

All the fertility treatments specialists are highly certified and experienced, which has helped many people to become parents with infertility issues. For IVF and other expensive treatments, they provide packages also based on the infertility conditions and approaches types.

They have high success rates in IVF and many other treatments also. They offer techniques and treatments professionally created and deliver a high level of relaxation and happiness.

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