Why we are #1 Fertility Clinic in Delhi, India – Dynamic Fertility

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Why we are #1 Fertility Clinic in Delhi, India – Dynamic Fertility

Dynamic fertility and IVF center is centrally located in south extension part 1 New Delhi 110049; it is categorized as best clinics for fertility and IVF treatments in south Delhi. This is headed by DR. NALINI GUPTA who has almost experience of 35years with her profession as a gynecologist. Dynamic fertility and IVF center consists of dedicated team members who work within global standards and are able to give outstanding success.

This excellent clinic is combined of latest diagnostic facilities and labs are equipped with advance technologies to lead us to an accurate diagnosis process.

Why choose –“Dyanamic fertility and IVF center Delhi

  • Availability of advance medication facilities: we provide options for all types of infertility treatment like IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy and many more. The ivf center is well equipped with all kinds of ART techniques.
  • Providing counseling to the patients: we believe in providing counseling to the couples and to look after at not only their clinical needs but also the emotional doubts before starting with the treatment. We emphasis on this matter as we are aware that infertility is a condition which takes enormous rift on the person suffering from it. Therefore these patients require all type of support and counseling which can be given.
  • Maintaining the transparency: our decisions are based on the evidence from our experiences, we make sure that the complete information about the treatment is being given to the couples along with our success rates and other options such as cost.

Types of programs with us

  • Donor Embryos for IVF Treatments

·         Donor Embryos for IVF Treatments

·         T.E.S.A. For IVF Treatments

·         Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) For IVF Treatments

·         Freezing Embryos for IVF Treatments

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