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Embryo Freezing Cost India | Procedure of Frozen Embryo Transfer in IVF

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Embryo Freezing Cost India | Procedure of Frozen Embryo Transfer in IVF

What is the frozen embryo?

As of now, many of us are facing infertility issues in our daily lives and fail several times to overcome them. In IVF treatment also some people manage to achieve their happiness but, some fail to do so. IVF performs with the insemination of eggs and sperm outside the reproductive system of a person. It accomplishes with the guidance and observations of various latest technologies and methods. The couple’s sperm and eggs retrieve from them and, the higher one selects from them for fertilization. When the eggs and sperm fertilize and that forms embryos. Your expert can suggest you store the left fertilized eggs by frosting.  

In IVF treatment, one or two embryos can implant into the uterus for pregnancy. The high eggs and sperm retrieve to have a good amount of fertilized eggs. The IVF cycle of the couple fails and, they have to freeze embryos so they can save a large amount of money and time. They can again have embryos implantation as in IVF. It is known as Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). It will implant into the female uterus by setting the temperature to normal and then doing the previous process. It will be attached to the device, which will insert into the uterus via the vaginal opening.

The frozen embryo transfer success rates are high in Delhi. 

How does a frozen embryo help?

FET is the left or extra embryo with that any couple can again have an IVF cycle. In the IVF treatment, many eggs fertilize and form fetuses from your expert can transfer one or two as more will cause risky multiple pregnancies. Thus, only one embryo implantation is highly effective. The left ones will cryopreserve for further use. FET helps in various conditions such as:

  • The couple falls in the previous IVF cycle and requires another treatment.
  • You want another child to put your family forward.
  • Due to any problem or obstruction, the fresh embryo implantation cancels like surgery, treatment, etc. You can cryopreserve the embryo.
  • The donor embryo using that will preserve for some time till the uterus of the female partner prepares.
  • If the female partner faces conditions of OHSS (OVARIAN Hyperstimulation Syndrome), which will cause problems, your expert can advise cancelling the procedure. It will require preservation so that you can have this when wants.

What is the procedure of frozen embryo transfer in IVF?

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) success rates are high, giving you a good chance of becoming pregnant.

In its process, the two types of IVF with FET cycles are first natural or hormonal. It is a less invasive procedure than usual IVF egg retrieval and does not require extra time. The hormonal cycle can help in various ovulatory problems. 

*   Natural IVF-FET cycle:

In it, hormonal or any medicines will not require. With tracking the ovulation cycle, the embryo will implant into the female uterus. It should perform after the particular days of the ovulation cycle end. 

The ovulation predictor or ultrasound will help to observe the menstruation cycle. 

*   Hormonal IVF-FET cycle:

In it, the injectable medicines will use to control the menstruation cycle. With the help of an ultrasound and blood test, the uterus health will monitor and, to increase the health of the endometrial lining, some hormonal supplements will advise. The estrogen and progesterone hormones will use in supplements. Your embryo implantation will perform based on the progesterone supplements starting time. 

The (FET) process will be as follows: 

1.      Follicular development observation:

2.      Luteinizing hormone observing:

3.      Ovulation Documentation

4.      Embryo transfer

5.      Supplements

6.      Results

Follicular development monitoring:

It will perform to determine the perfect time for FET with the help of ultrasound. To documentation, your ovulation cycle as timing in the procedure is vital to accomplish the process. 

Luteinizing hormone monitoring:

The LH level in the female body will monitor daily. When the growing follicles are close to maturity, the LH level increases in the blood and urine. The FET depends on the timing of the frozen and LH surge duration. 

Ovulation Documentation:

Your expert will monitor the ovulation cycle to know the fertility condition. If the ovulation is not happening, they will advise some hormonal medicines and cancel the FET for a few days. 

FET: the embryos will unfreeze or melt to use in the IVF cycle. It will perform a few hours before the implantation process. Your expert can choose one or two embryos to transfer. A long thin device, the catheter will pass into the cervix through the uterus. In it, the ultrasound will assist your expert in performing the step. 


When the female partner has an ovulatory problem or dysfunction so, the expert advice for progesterone Hormone. It will help in normalizing the function of the ovaries. Your expert will start it before the embryo transfers to the pregnancy results. 

What are the Signs of embryo implantation?

The actual confirmation will perform through a reliable pregnancy test or blood test. Some women face few changes and signs in their bodies that can be a result of embryo implantation. The positive signs after the embryo transfer are following:

·        Spotting 

·        Uneasy or tiredness

·        Cramping in the lower abdomen

·        Bloating 

·        Breast tenderness

·        Headaches and mood swings

After a few weeks of FET, your expert will perform a blood test to confirm the pregnancy results.

What to do after the embryo transfer?

After the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), the female partner should be more careful and need to follow the instructions provided by their experts. It will help them to achieve a successful pregnancy. Your expert will prescribe medicines as supplements or manage the functions. The female partner has to be more attentive to their diet and stress management.

What does the embryo transfer cost in Delhi?

The embryo transfer cost in Delhi is more affordable than in other countries. Your total treatment cost will differ as various medicines, methods, and facilities will require that add-on. The average Embryo transfer cost is approximately INR. 48,000. In Delhi, the frozen embryo transfer cost is around INR. 2,40,000.

Which is the best centre for IVF treatment in Delhi?

The DYNAMIC FERTILITY and IVF CENTRE is the best centre for IVF treatment in Delhi. It has a well-built infrastructure that has a particular formation for the high comfort level of patients. All the labs have highly equipped with the latest technologies. They have top experienced and skilled specialists for IVF and other infertility treatments in Delhi. They have high frozen embryo transfer success in Delhi.

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